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We’re on a mission to amplify women’s voices and empower through information and connection.

We believe that knowledge is power (and we’re all about feeling powerful). We create content, build communities and spark connections through storytelling. Restless gives you the content that you actually want to read, providing resources to get you through life’s best (and worst) moments. We’re a platform to tell your story. Share your experience, your wisdom and your opinions on topics from power to pleasure and everything in between – because it’s only when we tell our stories that the narrative starts to change.

This is a safe space for women on the internet. Whether you’re reading this on your way to work, crying in a bathroom stall (we’ve all been there), or planning your next adventure – we’ve got your back.

You’re multi-dimensional, what you read should be too.

The Restless Impact

Each month, a portion of our proceeds go to NGOs that make the world a better place for those who identify as women or LGBTQ+. By supporting our content, you’re supporting other womxn around the world

A letter from our founder

Olivia DeRamus

Hi! I’m Olivia DeRamus, founder of Restless. I started this platform because I am, like many women, restless. Tired of the barrage of #fakenews, pissed off that the leader of my country is racist, homophobic, and a multiple-times-over accused rapist (can you guess I’m American?), and disappointed in the general state of the world.

When I was 19, I was sexually assaulted. Despite winning my case in a university tribunal, my attacker sued me in court for defamation, claiming millions of dollars in damages.

It took me years, and the majority of my adult life, to put a stop to the legal onslaught. Despite the fact that the truth was on my side, it wasn’t safe for me to tell people about what I was going through. Anyone I confided in could be dragged into the case. I was stuck in a situation where I couldn’t advocate for myself, and I couldn’t talk about my experience with others. I was firmly, and forcibly, put on mute.

While I had to accept that my story couldn’t be shared, I knew I didn’t have to accept the suppression of other women’s voices. I was silenced in many ways, but I did have the ability to create something that could empower other women. That something turned out to be Restless.

With that part of the story out the way, let’s talk about the good bits. Yes, I was a victim. But you know what? Through that shitty time, I also had a lot of fun and adventure despite the trauma. Just because we sometimes have to face difficult things in our lives, doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for joy, dancing, and even tequila. For me, finding joy was my ultimate rebellion. I hope with Restless you find yours too.