Why Aren’t Creative Careers Taken Seriously?

A deeper look inside why creative careers are looked down on, despite being in demand

Power, Work

In The Age Of #GirlBoss, Do All Women Need To Be Ambitious?

Shahed Ezaydi explores what ambition *really* means

By Shahed Ezaydi
November 10, 2020


How To Cope With Job Application Burnout

As the pandemic causes youth unemployment to skyrocket, more and more young people are struggling

By Serena Smith
November 2, 2020


What Do You Mean By Diversity?

Gemma Doswell explores why true diversity in the workplace goes beyond appearances

By Gemma Doswell
October 27, 2020


Some Of Us Actually Miss The Office

Not all of us want to work from home, we meet the womxn that miss

By Bethany Fulton
October 19, 2020


7 Ways To Create Boundaries When Working From Home

Work/life balance out of sync? Here's how to fix it

By Habiba Katsha
October 14, 2020


3 Female Founders on How to Maintain Your Purpose

We asked some of our favorite business women how they stay on track

By Tahmina Begum
September 22, 2020


In Defense of the Exclamation Mark

Ellie Kime is back to discuss the politics of a particular piece of email etiquette...

By Ellie Kime
April 7, 2020


Self-employed? Help is Coming (With Caveats)

The UK has finally announced a support package – but what does it mean for

By Jennifer Crichton
March 26, 2020


The Winners’ Guide To Getting Fired

Getting the sack is one of the worst things that can happen to a person,

By Danielle Jones
March 20, 2020


Bullying in the Workplace

Sometimes bullying doesn’t stop at the playground gates. Here’s how to handle it when it

By Bethany Fulton
March 6, 2020


The Rise of The Instagram Coach

From babies to bodies to business, there’s an expert out there for just about everything.

By Laura Stroud
February 20, 2020


We’ll Do Our CEO Thing, Thanks

Three cheers for the ASA ban on another sexist ad. But can we finally ditch

By Jennifer Crichton
January 10, 2020

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