Why the “But He’s a Nice Guy” Argument Doesn’t Work Anymore

Tahmina Begum debunks this go to argument used against survivors

Current Affairs

So is Kanye West Really Running for President?

Olivia DeRamus looks at the facts, and what the Democrats should actually be focusing on

By Olivia DeRamus
July 8, 2020

Current Affairs

Keeping Beauty Salons Closed is a Feminist Issue

As thousands in the UK go back to work, the female-led beauty industry is being

By Ellen Atlanta
July 7, 2020


The Police Failed Oluwatoyin Salou, and They Failed Me Too

Oluwatoyin Salou’s death highlights the severity of abuse escalation, Evie Muir explores

By Evie Muir
July 6, 2020


Confronting Ableism In Pride Events

Lockdown is making pride more accessible than ever, but how long will it last?

By Hannah Shewan Stevens
June 28, 2020


We Must Confront the Racist History of the UK

Britons are having a long-overdue conversation about their role in building a racist world

By Ntombizikhona Valela
June 28, 2020


How Quarantine Is Supporting The Trans Community

Daz Skubich explores why young trans folx are finding a sense of peace during lockdown 

By Daz Skubich
June 26, 2020


Navigating Social Media As A Victim Of Trauma

Evie Muir explores the power of social media as a victim of trauma

By Evie Muir
June 22, 2020

Current Affairs

Knowing When To Switch Off: Why Good Mental Health Is Crucial For Activism 

Diyora Shadijanova explores the tricky balance of mental health and activism

By Diyora Shadijanova
June 19, 2020

Current Affairs

A Response to JK Rowling’s Personal Essay On Sex, Gender and Womanhood

Her white feminism is textbook, argues Tahmina Begum

By Tahmina Begum
June 18, 2020

Current Affairs

An Instagram Story Cannot Absolve You

“You’re not Black though, are you? Why are you so upset?” When faced with racism,

By Gabrielle Ulubay
June 17, 2020

Current Affairs, Power

What Now? How To Keep Protesting

When your Insta feed is starting to go back to “normal”, it's important to keep

By Tahmina Begum
June 16, 2020

Current Affairs, Power

Some Superheroes Wear Lab Coats

Republicans tried and failed to limit Dr. Amy Acton's authority, the health director responsible for

By Regina G Beach
June 15, 2020

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