Social Media Shouldn’t Enable Extremism

We may have a new president, but the forces that led to Trump's insurrection are

Culture, Current Affairs

So, This is the New Year

If 2020 was the year of brokenness, 2021 must be the year of repair

By Kaitlyn McQuin
January 8, 2021

Current Affairs

Argentina Legalizes Abortion

A win for women and a sign of hope for others in Latin America

By Olivia DeRamus
December 30, 2020

Current Affairs, Power

I’m Skipping the Holidays Because of Politics

Kaitlyn McQuin meets those opting out of the holidays due to familial political divides

By Kaitlyn McQuin
November 25, 2020

Current Affairs, Power

Police Brutality Is A Global Issue So Why Don’t Non-Black People Care About #EndSars

"If Black lives are truly important to you, your support shouldn’t end when state violence

By Habiba Katsha
November 16, 2020

Current Affairs, Power

Welcome to the New United States of America

President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris defeat Trump in historical U.S. Presidential Election.

By Kaitlyn McQuin
November 7, 2020

Current Affairs, Power

It’s Election Day, and Tensions are High

We hear from U.S. voters on how they’re feeling during the most crucial election in

By Kaitlyn McQuin
November 3, 2020

Current Affairs

Judge Amy Coney Barrett Isn’t A Step Forward For Women

How the confirmation of ACB puts American lives (and democracy) at stake

By Kaitlyn McQuin
November 1, 2020

Current Affairs, Interviews

Why My Miscarriage Cemented My Belief In Women’s Right To Abortion

Caroline Frost speaks to Deeyah Khan about her new documentary, 'America's War On Abortion'

By Caroline Frost
October 30, 2020

Current Affairs, Power

On #EndSARS Protest And My Craving For Change In Nigeria

“This man died because he was driving an SUV”. 

By Ugonnaora Owoh
October 28, 2020

Current Affairs, Power

Domestic Abuse Is a Voter Suppression Issue

Victims of domestic abuse face a new kind of threat

By Evie Muir
October 15, 2020

Current Affairs, Power

Are You Racist?

The intent isn’t relevant, the outcome is

By Evie Muir
October 3, 2020

Current Affairs, Power

What Does Real Change Look Like?

Tahmina Begum explores the memeification of Breonna Taylor

By Tahmina Begum
September 24, 2020

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