Being Vulnerable Makes Me Feel Afraid

Kaitlyn McQuin explores past lovers, leaning into fear, and the moment when she embraced vulnerability

Mind & Body, Self

Feeling Low About The Lockdown?

As we enter lockdown 2.0, here’s some advice for mental wellbeing

By Charlotte Moore
November 9, 2020

Mind & Body

Self Care for a Tough Week

With the U.S. election night turning into a too close to call election week, and

By Kaitlyn McQuin
November 5, 2020


November Horoscopes

Our resident astrologist, Meredith Lovelock, explores what's in the stars for November

By Meredith Lovelock
October 30, 2020

Mind & Body, Self

The Negatives of Being Positive

Kaitlyn McQuin explores toxic positivity and its detriment on our mental health

By Kaitlyn McQuin
October 29, 2020

Beauty, Self

When To Save And When To Spend On Your Beauty Routine

Our beauty expert Bethany Fulton explores where we can save when it comes to skincare

By Bethany Fulton
October 22, 2020

Mind & Body, Self

How Can I Be A Good Friend When I’m In A Bad Place?

How to deal when your friends are just as sad as you are

By Charlotte Moore
October 21, 2020

Mind & Body, Self

I Feel Guilty When I Choose Self-Care

Kaitlyn McQuin explores the price women pay when we set boundaries as an act of

By Kaitlyn McQuin
October 9, 2020

Mind & Body, Self

I Started My Period At The Age of 10. I Was Terrified.

Starting your period is the most natural thing in the world - but for early

By Serena Smith
October 8, 2020

Mind & Body, Self

Am I Being My Authentic Self?

Who are we? Charlotte Moore explores what it means to be our 'authentic self'

By Charlotte Moore
October 7, 2020

Mind & Body

October Horoscopes

Ready to find out what’s in the stars for October? Read on.

September 30, 2020

Mind & Body, Self

5 Comebacks to “When are You Having Children?”

Because it's none of your nosy aunt Janet's business

By Kaitlyn McQuin
September 25, 2020

Mind & Body

The Double Standards of Aging

We're damned if we do and damned if we don't

By Kaitlyn McQuin
September 21, 2020

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