August Horoscopes

August Horoscopes

Leo season is coming in hot, while Virgo season invites us to cultivate a plan and nurture ourselves

Your August horoscopes are in, Rebels. Read on to see what the cosmos have in store for you this month. For some, you’re soaring in your careers. For others, you’re being reminded of your personal power.

Don’t forget to read your sun, moon, rising, and Venus signs for a full picture.


Aries, Leo season has you leaning into your flirtatious side and you’re living it up all month long. Why are we not surprised? Your thirst for connection and exploration will carry you through the 22nd, but as we enter Virgo season, don’t be surprised if you begin to feel ready for a hefty dose of wanting to settle down. Venus moves through your house of partnerships and you’re wanting to prioritize quality connections and, dare we say, even romance. We say go for it. Lean into your nurturing side (they’re in there, trust us), and give yourself some TLC—and let someone else give you some TLC too. You’re never one to shy away from the spotlight or turn down some good old-fashioned fun. Why stop now?


Taurus, the first half of the month has you living up to your zodiac characteristics through and through. You’ll be prone to indulging in luxurious, whether that be take out from your favorite spot, snuggling with your pet, watering your plants, all the while wrapped in a beautiful robe and watching your favorite shows. And you thrive in this space. When the 22nd rolls around and we enter Virgo season, you’ll find yourself wanting to step out of your routine a bit more. Perhaps you say yes to a spontaneous date, or go to brunch with your girlfriends, or spend an afternoon lounging on the beach. Whatever it is, it will surely nurture your soul and provide your brain and body with feel-good emotions you so desperately have been craving. A solo life can be luxe, Taurus, but don’t forget to surround yourself with the comfort of your friends and loved ones too.


Gemini, you’re hitting the ground running this month and are truly the life of the party. Everyone you know and then some want to hang out with you, and let’s be honest… you love it. It’s a lot to manage, and you might be wondering when you’ll have time for yourself, but don’t worry. It’s coming. Around the 8th, you’ll suddenly have a desire to spend time with only those who truly light you up from inside. You’ll begin to seek comfort at this time, and lucky for you, you’ll be able to have it. Your ruling planet Mercury allows both your heart, and your head, fall into blissful alignment. You won’t take it for granted. And honestly? A few other signs in the zodiac could learn a lesson from you, and the lesson is: know what you want and believe you’re worthy of having it.


You can breathe a sigh of relief, Cancer. Your birthday is behind you. We all know how stressful birthdays can be and having the spotlight on us, can’t we? As you navigate the month ahead, your brain will be focused on your finances. Ae you secure? Do you make enough money to cover your cost of living? Are you able to save? These questions—and more—will be at the forefront. If something feels off to you where money is involved, such as wonky transactions or out-of-date contracts, speak up. Leo season grants you the confidence to be your own advocate, which can sometimes be hard for you. But not today. As Virgo season approaches later in the month, you’ll feel an unwavering sense of being rooted in your decision to take back the reigns of your life. Good for you. You deserve it.


Happy birthday, Leo! The first few weeks in August are all about you… and, trust us, you won’t let us forget it! Our spotlight babes are shining bright this month when it comes to feeling the love from others and also from self. What have you been manifesting lately? What’s keeping you up at night and waking you in the morning? Our hunch says something is brewing beneath the surface, be it a business plan or strategy to rebrand yourself and monetize your talents. If this is on your mind, don’t you think it’s a sign to go for it? Some thoughts are fleeting, but for Leos, they’re downloads. Lean in and hear the call. And then let us hear you roar.


You’re at war with yourself this month, Virgo, but what else is new? As one of the overachievers of the zodiac (and overthinkers), you’re waffling between living a quiet, private life and stepping onto the stage, shouting your dreams into the sky, and making them happen. Which one will you choose? We have good news and bad news. The bad news is that you might be torn for a few weeks more. The good news is that clarity is on its way… and it could be closer than you think, but if and only if you follow your intuition. So, Virgo, what do you want? What kind of life do you want to live? Where can you see yourself thriving and are you setting yourself up for success in that sphere? Your biggest fans are cheering you on, Virgo. Hop aboard that train and tell us where we’re going. We’re along for the ride. Are you?


Libra, you are so loved. But, sometimes, you don’t always love yourself. It’s something all signs struggle with, but you can struggle to find that balance, despite being represented by the scales in the zodiac. We’re here to tell you that you’re doing great, you’re worthy, and whatever is on your heart is there for a reason. This month will be kind to you as it reminds you of who you are. You’re a social butterfly and life of the party, even if it’s in discrete, simple ways. People notice you when you walk into a room. What story do you want them to form in their imaginations about you? If career has been on the brain, hold tight. If love has been on the brain, hold even tighter. Everything you want is en route, but first: take care of you. We know it’s annoying to hear but trust us when we say that your deepest desires are working overtime in the background for your higher good. For now, relax with a face mask and juicy novel. See? Balance.


You’re all about leveling up in your career this month, Scorpio. And we are here for it. Don’t be surprised if you’re offered a promotion, step into a leadership role, or go off and become your own boss this month. Any recognition you receive will be much deserved and well-received. Love is on the brain in the second week of August when you’re presented with the chance to switch it up. If you’re partnered, you might be having an important conversation with your love on the direction you’re moving in, or you could be cutting ties and forging your own path. If you’re single, someone might be coming in who you least expect will rock your world. The theme here is to remain open and honest with yourself and those around you. The Universe is working in your favor. You just have to let it.


Sag, this month, you’re giving fire signs their name, because you are hot and feeling spicy. If you’ve been wanting to lean into adventure, now is your time. Leo season invites you to step into your wild side and let your freak flag fly. Looking to get out of town? Even with limited travel at the moment, you can still go and reignite your fire for exploration. Looking to spice up your love life? You won’t regret it. Towards the end of the month, you’ll be focusing on career and your desire to be recognized for your achievements. You’ll be supported in changing up your work plans too, if that’s a move you’re wanting to make. Just remember that communication is key in all areas of life. Especially these, especially now. You’ll know what to do, Sag. Just keep your eye on the prize.


You’ve been practicing vulnerability lately, Capricorn, and you’re doing just fine. Slow and steady wins the race, and with a grounded earth sign at the helm of this vulnerability ship, we’re not surprised you’re taking your time. So why do you feel like you’re failing at it? If there’s anxiety surrounding a new partnership or career move for you, perhaps due to external pressures, we implore you to drown out the noise and zero in on your inner voice. Do you feel safe in your relationships and career? Are you happy? Does this fulfil you? Ask yourself these questions and make the necessary adjustments. If someone doesn’t like it, so? Borrow some tips from your fellow earth signs. Taurus to teach you self-love and care and Virgo to remind you that you know what’s best. You got this.


If you’ve been filling everyone else’s cup but your own, it’s time to make a shift, Aquarius. How can you possibly pour into another when you’re empty? Take stock of your life at this very moment. Who are your major relationships with? What are your feelings around work? Are you taking time for play? We can scream this into the abyss for years to come, but if you don’t take time to cater to your needs first, everything—and everyone—that follows will suffer. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by this, we get it. Might we suggest a day trip getaway? If that isn’t feasible due to schedules, finances, or time, try going for a walk in nature. Find a tree and sit under it. Leave your phone at home. Close your eyes, listen to the leaves moving in the wind, and ask yourself what you need. Then make a plan to get it. Life is short, Aquarius. Don’t waste a minute more playing to a crowd who doesn’t applaud you for all you do.


Pisces, Cancer season had you free-floating in a dreamy abyss and Leo season has you staring at a to-do list wondering when—if ever—your tasks will subside. Fear not, our dreamers, for this this called balance. Sometimes, you need a reminder that life isn’t always a free-flowing stream. Sometimes, you’ll run into obstacles. Take this time now to re-strategize. Take a look at your life and how it’s operating. Are you pleased? Is there work that needs to be done? Is something feeling off, be it a personal relationship, a goal at work, or a personal promise or obligation? Spend some time with it this month. The second half of August invites you to lean into your loved ones. Plan to spend some quality time with friends and family (safely, of course). You might even dip your fin into the dating pond again. Wouldn’t it be nice if you discovered a new connection and could take the time to focus on it? We think so. That’s why getting your affairs in order in the beginning of the month is important. All work and no play is boring. So, in August, work first, play later. And trust us, there will be lots of it.

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