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"When you have so many people in your head, it can be tough to actually

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Stephanie Yeboah on writing Fattily Ever After

"It's my love letter to fat Black women" 

By Beth Ashley
September 9, 2020

Interviews, Obsessions

Meet the Women Making Condoms Cool

“A lot of women ‘put up with the pill’, we wanted to create a better

By Charlotte Moore
September 2, 2020


“I Ask for a Hug When I’m Getting a Hug”

Grace Campbell is as impatient as we are...

By Alice Snape
August 16, 2020


“My Contentment Lies in my Restlessness”

Alice Snape chats power, pleasure, success and "adulting" with Vick Hope...

By Alice Snape
August 15, 2020


“Words Alone Aren’t Enough, We Need Actions”

Restless meets Aux, the lead singer of GRAMN., who confronts racism and white fragility in

By Alice Snape
August 5, 2020

Culture, Interviews, Obsessions

“Be An Ally to People. We Need to be Allies More Than Ever”

Non-binary writer, public speaker and model Jamie Windust has cultivated a community online to curb

By Alice Snape
June 25, 2020


Restless Meets Winnie Awa

Gemma Doswell sat down with afro hair expert, Winnie Awa - here's what she learned

By Gemma Doswell
March 31, 2020


A Joyful Moment With Sarah Powell

Restless sits down with columnist and podcaster Sarah Powell to chat confidence, failure, and being

By Olivia DeRamus
February 4, 2020


Ellie Kime on Her Enthusiastic Revolution

We sat down with creative entrepreneur 'The Enthusiast' to find out how enthusiasm can change

By Olivia DeRamus
August 14, 2019


Sometimes Things Get Blemished: Katie Piper’s Biggest Lesson

Piper talks to Restless about the launch of her rehabilitation center

By Caroline Frost
August 4, 2019


Christiana Figueres: The Paris Climate Agreement Still Holds Cause For Optimism

The powerhouse diplomat on why she still believes change is coming

By Jennifer Crichton
August 2, 2019


Jane Sheperdson: What It Was Really Like Working With Philip Green

Jennifer Crichton talks bullying, fast fashion and next steps with the woman who made Topshop

By Jennifer Crichton
July 2, 2019

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