Do You Have Dating App Fatigue?

Izzy Copestake explores the online dating boredom after a year online

Sex & Relationships

The Problem With the Sex Talk

Nicole Klett, NBC-HWC wants to revamp the ‘sex talk’ and place women’s pleasure and consent

By Nicole Klett
July 5, 2021

Sex & Relationships

What Men Need to Know About Closing the Orgasm Gap

Daniel Lehewych wants men to become better lovers and partners

By Daniel Lehewych
June 23, 2021

Sex & Relationships

The Ableist World of Dating

Hannah Shewan Stevens explores dating and intimacy as a disabled woman

By Hannah Shewan Stevens
May 26, 2021

Sex & Relationships

Do I Really like You, or Was It Just Lockdown?

Izzy Copestake explores the way in which lockdown has changed our attitude to dating, red

By Izzy Copestake
May 6, 2021

Sex & Relationships

Why Britney’s ‘Dump Him’ Isn’t Always That Easy

Izzy Copestake explores the difference between valid red flags and an underlying commitment-phobia in the

By Izzy Copestake
April 8, 2021

Sex & Relationships

Stop Telling Women That the Pandemic is Wasting Their Hot Years

Izzy Copestake on why we can’t let patriarchal pressure define a woman's worth

By Izzy Copestake
March 29, 2021

Sex & Relationships

Should We Actually Encourage Fish Pictures on Dating Apps?

Why showing off a trout can be the key to unlocking emotional intimacy in men

By Kaitlyn McQuin
March 23, 2021

Sex & Relationships

Do I Really Like You or Are You Just Not Giving Me Attention?

Izzy Copestake explores why we romanticize rejection in her monthly column, An Ode to a

By Izzy Copestake
March 9, 2021

Sex & Relationships

Your Inclusive Sex Toy Questions Answered

Poppy Lepora, founder of Self & More, is creating a safe space to talk about

By Ellen Atlanta
March 5, 2021

Sex & Relationships

The Revolutionary Rise of Situationships

What TikTok’s new ‘I want a boyfriend but not a relationship’ trend says about our

By Alya Mooro
February 26, 2021

Sex & Relationships

I Bought Love Oil from a Spiritualist to Help Me Find the One

So, if I just dab this on my wrists, I'll meet my husband?

By Kaitlyn McQuin
February 12, 2021

Sex & Relationships

These TikTok Trends are Adding Shame to Women’s Pleasure

When are we going to stop falling victim to the toxic male gaze?

By Kaitlyn McQuin
February 10, 2021

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