#Adulting With Chinae Alexander

Your fave advice columnist is back to help you with cheating partners, becoming unapologetic about


Celebrating IWD in Kerala

If International Women’s Day is about displaying our strength, the women of Kerala, recovering from

By Jessie Williams
March 7, 2020


Cool and the Castle

Ever dreamed of running away to the country? Restless meets a couple who did just

By Jennifer Crichton
March 5, 2020

Sex & Relationships

What’s In A Name?

Having been reluctant to change her name in marriage, now that she’s getting divorced, one

By Jennifer Crichton
March 3, 2020

Sex & Relationships

The Magic of Women’s Loos

From fleeting friendships in the queue to compliments at the mirror, the ladies’ can be

By Alice Snape
February 28, 2020

Sex & Relationships

The Fine Line Dividing Cute and Creepy

When it comes to grand romantic gestures, knowing the difference between aw and eurgh can

By Bethany Fulton
February 27, 2020

Sex & Relationships

A Guide to Navigating Valentine’s Day in the #MeToo Era

Relentless pursuit isn't a vibe, Here's how to do romance right

By Beth Ashley
February 14, 2020

Sex & Relationships

Sisters Before Misters

In honour of Galentine’s Day, Tea Adesanya explores the intricacies of making new friends as

By Tea Adesanya
February 13, 2020

Sex & Relationships

How To Have A Mindful Break-up

Sure, Gwyneth was mocked for “consciously uncoupling”, but ending a relationship really needn’t be fraught

By Bethany Fulton
February 11, 2020

Sex & Relationships

5 Sex Misconceptions Debunked

From length of session to length of, ahem, him, there's no one size fits all.

By Bethany Fulton
February 10, 2020

Sex & Relationships

7 Women Share The Moment They Realised They Were Bisexual

Charlotte Moore quizzes seven women on *that* moment.

By Charlotte Moore
February 8, 2020

Sex & Relationships

When I Stopped Waiting for We

Chinae Alexander discusses what happened when she realized she didn't need a relationship to make

By Chinae Alexander
February 3, 2020

Sex & Relationships

The DM Debate: Creepy or Expected?

“Call me, beep me if you wanna reach me.” Are DMs saucy or creepy? Tea

By Tea Adesanya
January 29, 2020

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