We Need New Happy Endings

Alya Mooro on why we deserve happy endings where they *don't* end up together. Are


What Are Deepfakes and How to Protect Yourself

Habiba Katsha explores the danger of deepfakes

By Habiba Katsha
November 26, 2020


Diana’s Power Must Not Be Diminished

This past week has brought Princess Diana, and the men and institutions who abused her,

By Caroline Frost
November 15, 2020


In Defense of Watching Escapist TV

Alya Mooro has some *thoughts* on everyone's favorite hate watch, 'Emily in Paris'

By Alya Mooro
October 31, 2020

Culture, Obsessions

Stop Asking Creatives What Our “Real Job” Is

Firstly, it’s rude. Secondly, making art for your ungrateful ass *is* a real job, Jeanine

By Kaitlyn McQuin
October 6, 2020


2020’s Social Media is Inciting My Fear of the “Evil Eye”

This month, Alya Mooro examines the new internet anxieties brought on by this year's mess

By Alya Mooro
October 1, 2020


Frock Conscious: Trying My Best to Quit Fast Fashion

Alice Snape doesn’t want to go back to her old shopping habits, but quitting isn’t

By Alice Snape
July 22, 2020


A Love Song For Naya Rivera

As we mourn the loss of Naya Rivera, Charlotte Moore remembers her impact on LGBTQ

By Charlotte Moore
July 14, 2020

Culture, Interviews, Obsessions

“Be An Ally to People. We Need to be Allies More Than Ever”

Non-binary writer, public speaker and model Jamie Windust has cultivated a community online to curb

By Alice Snape
June 25, 2020


Black Journalists Are Tired Of Being In White Newsrooms

Habiba Katsha explores the problem with white newsrooms

By Habiba Katsha
June 13, 2020


Black Women Are The Backbone of Modest Fashion

Author Hafsa Lodi concludes that Black women are the pioneers of this global style revolution

By Hafsa Lodi
June 7, 2020


Establishing Personal Boundaries With A Hand Vacuum

Soek Fambul explores living alone

By Soek Fambul
June 1, 2020


Style Inspiration From An Eid In Lockdown

These Muslim women aren't letting staying at home get in the way of celebrating in

By Tahmina Begum
May 26, 2020

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