July Horoscopes

July Horoscopes

From Cancer season to Leo season, get ready to ditch the comfort zone and roar, Rebels.

We’re smack dab in the middle of Cancer season where we are all up in our feels, but towards the end of July, we’ll be catapulted into the bold, confident, and social Leo season. And guess what? We are all so ready for it.

Most of the signs will be absolutely flourishing this month, and we love to see it. But there are a few to need to keep an eye on the drama, restore balance, and watch their spending. Is it you?

For the greatest scope for July’s astrological offerings, be sure to read your sun, moon, and rising signs. Feeling frisky? Read your Venus too.


Aries, July is a month filled with facing your past trauma. I know, I know. How dare past grievances and issues get in the way of you enjoying your summer? Well, it won’t… but only if you face them head on now. You’re no stranger to speaking up, but sometimes you struggle to ask your friends and support group for help when you need it. Break that habit this time around, because you’ll need all of the reinforcement you can get. On the flip side, Leo season is right around the corner, which means your social calendar will be piling high with fun activities left and right! But you’ll enjoy them more when your mind is clear, so spend the first half of the month taking care of old business.


Venus, your ruling planet, enters the sign of Virgo this month. Virgos are all about perfectionism and knowing their worth, so you’re sure to feel heavily influenced by your fellow earth sign in July. A fire has been lit under your booty, and you’re wanting to get out into the world and party it up. We say go for it, Taurus! But stay vigilant. Are you prone to being on the receiving end of gossip? Are you attracted to drama? Watch yourself carefully as you navigate your social calendar, because even if you don’t notice it, people are watching you. Make sure what they’re observing will serve your greater good.


As the twins of the zodiac, it’s no surprise you want to live it up (and sometimes even twice), Gemini, but when was the last time you hydrated? Slept? Went for a walk with no destination in mind? Do more of that this month, especially during the first half of July. Your social calendar is packed to the brim (this isn’t surprising), but how can you show up to the late-night rager when you’re yawning every five minutes? Exhaustion isn’t glamourous, and surely isn’t cute. Take care of you here and there too.


As one of the most sensitive of the zodiac, this month you’ll be feeling just that, Cancer babies. There’s some anxiety circulating through your mind as July opens, and some tension brewing beneath the surface. It’s going to be annoying, for sure, especially as we enter Leo season and you find yourself feeling more alive, but this slight emotional hiccup is nothing you can’t overcome. Relish in your favorite past times as you navigate these complexities. Take baths and naps and drink a warm cup of tea. Prepare your mind and body to acknowledge your stress, and then release it, so when Leo season does roll around, you’re ready to roar with the lions.


It’s (almost) your season, Leos, and you’re going to do it up big… as if any of us are shocked by this, really. No one throws a birthday bash like you, and no one commands the attention of a room quite like you. This month, whilst immersed in birthday celebrations, we also encourage you to immerse yourself in a little kindness and compassion too. It’ll serve you well this go around the sun, especially in ventures where your charm is concerned. Have a crush you want to ask out? Looking to get a raise at work? Now’s the time to go for it. The stars are on your side.


Virgo, you can have a tendency to jump the gun a bit when it comes to jerk reactions. It isn’t your fault you’re so perceptive and oftentimes can smell a person’s intentions from miles away. But in the beginning of July, you could be wrong about someone. Before you bite back, take a minute and ask for clarifications, especially if the confusing communication was done via text or email. In-person interactions are always best… and later in the month when Venus enters your sign, you’re sure to have delightful in-person interactions if you know what we’re sayin’. Looking to amplify your love life? Well, Virgo, it’s happening. Buckle up.


You’re sniffing out the bullshit this month, Libra, and you’re on a quest for justice. Who wronged you lately? They had better get out of the way. And if you wronged yourself lately, then you better get out of your own way too. Somewhere in your life, you’re giving more than you’re receiving, and if that would irk any sign in the zodiac’s nerves, it’s yours. You know the importance of balance and maintaining homeostasis, so if something is no longer serving you, or causing your scales to tip too far in one direction, it’s time to cut ties and let it fall away. You deserve it. Later in the month, don’t be alarmed if you’re feeling friskier than usual. The Universe is blessing your pleasure sector. Lean in, and let it flow. Enjoy. 😉


The theme of finances is making its way to you this month, Scorpio. What’s weighing on you? If you’re struggling financially, you might need to make some tough decisions on what can stay and what has to go. If you have an expensive habit, perhaps tabling it for the summer will allow you to catch up on your money-related matters. After you get it all squared away, take some time to enjoy yourself this month. Leo season will have you feeling particularly jovial but be sure not to take your happy-go-lucky feels too far into the realm of unnecessary gossip. We all know how drama affects you, Scorpio. The anxiety isn’t worth it.


You’ll have a chance to remedy past mistakes this month, Sag, especially in the romantic realm. Whatever hurts you caused or contributed to will take center stage for you and open the door for immense healing. This is a unique opportunity. Make good use of it. You’ll be feeling more optimistic this month and have a general feeling of goodness as you tie up loose ends in all areas of your life. Lean in and let it flow and you’ll continue to be richly blessed. Hold on tight towards the end of the month. We see a pretty dang special date lined up for you. One you’ll soon never forget.


You can sometimes come across as pretty tough, Capricorn. We know you mean business but leaning into your sensual side and emotional side can benefit you well. If you choose to be led with the heart this month, expect the desire for intimacy to be at the forefront of your mind. Romantic relationships will reach higher frequencies, and for our single Caps, you could potentially meet someone who will blow you away. The kicker? Embracing vulnerability. Good things are on the other side of fear. It’s time you explored it and tested the water on the other side.


For you, Aquarius, July is all about self-care. And a lot of it. But the key is to release any and all guilt from needing some extra TLC. Sleep in a bit longer, soak in the bubble bath with a glass of wine or treat yourself to a spa day now that the world is opening back up. Whatever you do, make sure it’s serving your heart first and foremost. Once you feel rested, your social calendar will be waiting for you to show up. Leo season has you feeling all sorts of excited and invigorated and ready to get back out there and live it up. Partying is self-care too.


You’ve been put through the ringer lately, Pisces, but we’re here to tell you that Leo season will have you feeling richly blessed. Not only will your stress lower, but your social invites will increase, and, lucky for you, you’ll actually want to get out there and attend these gatherings! Another top priority we see for you? Love. Yes, love! If you’ve been manifesting a partner (and not just any partner for our dreamy Pisces, but the perfect partner), we’re here to tell you that they are closer and closer each day. July has the potential to deepen relationships and send you soaring to the highest of heights. And if anyone deserves this good news, it’s you. Enjoy it, Pisces. Relish in this time of personal poetry.

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