May Horoscopes

May Horoscopes

Love is a common theme this month for most, but there’s also some drama on the horizon.

April was a time for introspection and self-reflection, but May brings about new opportunities for vibrating higher and welcoming in new opportunities from love, to career, to friendships. Enjoy the remaining moments of indulgent Taurus season before Gemini season rolls around at the end of month. In the meantime, here’s what to expect in May.

Remember to check your sun, moon, and rising signs for the full scope.


Aries, if you’ve been looking for love but coming up short, May could bring about some change when it comes to your love life. Someone new has their eye on you—or is at least manifesting you—so keep your eyes open, too. Take a leap of faith or say yes to someone you’d usually say no to. You never know what could happen, and the stars are aligned for you to find love this month. Speaking of never knowing what could happen, how are your dreams going for you? Are you letting yourself dream and get swept away by the potential? If yes, excellent. Keep on this path. If not, dare to say yes to your wildest desires and fantasies. You’re supported this month, Aries. Lean in.


Open that pocketbook, Taurus, but not to pay. To receive. May brings in infinite abundance for you in the form of possessions, so prepare to be blessed and receive with grace and not guilt. You’re coming out of an emotional fog, and it’s time to reintegrate back into society. Make plans with friends, ask your crush out, and even step up to your boss and demand compensation that matches your output and worth. Manifestations don’t just happen. One must take space and time to visualize what they want and desire, and then you must ask for it. May has the potential to be a busy month for you, but as long as you’re making space for self-care (which you always do), you should keep the balance without issue.


Gear up, Gemini. Your season is nigh, and if we know anything, it’s that the twins of the zodiac love to come out and play. Sensibly, of course. Jupiter enters your house of fortune and fame this month, so you’ll be receiving an influx of good news. Can ya handle it? May will be busy for you in most areas of your life. Remember not to get so caught up in living the dream that you begin to live someone else’s. Stay true to yourself, Gemini. What is it that you want? Need? Desire? Keep this at the forefront. Of course, it’s okay to play (safely—we’re still in a pandemic), but you don’t want to treat people or situations like toys. We know you’re a charmer. Just remember to use your powers for good.


You might be hanging onto the past this month, Cancer, and as one of the more sensitive signs of the zodiac, we get it. The past is comfy, and sometimes the feelings of nostalgia and longing can make us feel connected to something. But don’t you want something new? A fresh feeling? In order to let love—and other opportunities—in, you need to make space in your mind and heart. So, this month, focus on clearing out the old to welcome in the new. That’s it. That’s your assignment. There is so much goodness waiting at the door for you. You can open the door and take a look, but just like you wouldn’t host a party in a messy home, you can’t host a lover in a messy heart. Clear out the space. It’s time, once and for all.


You are beyond ready to break free from the cage of social distancing, Leo, but remain safe and remain grounded. If anyone in the zodiac has the ability to break hearts, it’s you (well, and Gemini). Your fiery energy will spring to the surface after a season of introspection, and you’ll be encouraged and supported to stand center stage. Later in the month, you might feel the need to retreat to avoid any drama, and it’s recommended to obey that instinct. Lions know when the time is right to stake their claim, fight for what they want and need, and when to hunker down and wait it out. So long as you listen to your natural instincts, you’ll be prepared for anything.


Have you been experiencing a sexual reawakening, Virgo? Most people view your sign as tidy and prudish, but most don’t know that your propensity for a clean space makes room for dirty thoughts. Are we right? The stars are wanting to bring you love this month, and have been for awhile, tbh. It’s up to you, however, to open the door and let it in. Perhaps it’s not romantic love you seek, but connection in general. Platonic love is love, too, and you’ll jump on any chance to hold someone else’s heart in your hand, even if it’s just as friends. You’re supported in these quests in May. Do it. Try it. What do you have to lose? There’s high potential for ex-lovers to resurface this month. This happens when people sense you’re operating on a higher vibration. Just say no, Virgo. They aren’t worth it. Plus, there’s way too much good happening in your present—and definitely your future—to even consider going backwards in time.


Libra, what’s plaguing your mind? More importantly, why? Venus enters your house of philosophy this month, and it’s begging you to release old habits that no longer serve your greater good. You have a tendency, especially our Libras with anxiety, to overthink. And though you are a firm believer in justice, sometimes you have difficulty approaching your goals in a just way. But what about you? What about your wellness? Letting go of old habits is hard, but it’s the only way you can make space for what’s trying to enter your life. And trust us when we say, there’s a lot of goodness knocking on your door in the coming months. Be sure to hold steadfast in your boundaries, because when Mercury goes retrograde at the end of the month, you’ll want to text your ex. Uh, no. Absolutely not. Vibe high. Vibe so high, they can’t even access your subconscious anymore. And soar.


You might be feeling some jealousy or insecurity this month, Scorpio, but it’s nothing you can’t overcome. Do you have access to a trusted therapist? If so, you’ll be leaning on them quite a bit this month. If you’ve been experiencing communication issues in your relationships lately, it’s time to up the ante when it comes to tackling this problem head on. You’re deeply intuitive and some would even say psychic, so you’re aware when something is amiss long before others are. Speak up now, or forever hold your peace. You’ll be spending more time with folks you love later in the month but remember to keep your boundaries intact. If it’s too much, it’s too much, and it’s more than okay to say no.


If you’ve felt down in the dumps the past several months, prepare to be amazed by the turn of events taking place in your sign, Sag. It’s time you received a win, and it’s on its way. Maybe it’s in the form of moving in with a lover or getting a promotion at work. Whatever it may be, you’re sure to feel worthy and deserving of the success you’re being granted. And you are. You might also feel drawn to boosting your self-care routine or implementing a new practice to better your overall wellness. Go for it. You’ll find comfort in establishing a new system and it’ll serve you, too. Be on the lookout for unexpected drama at work later in the month, but don’t worry. It’s nothing a little communication (and a face mask at home) can’t fix.


With life opening back up and our social calendars filling for the first time in a year, a little trepidation is bound to creep in. If this is you, Capricorn, it’s okay. Take a breath and stay grounded. Establish boundaries this month to ensure your mental wellbeing remains at the forefront. It’s okay to say no, but it’s also okay to say yes. You might find yourself wanting to communicate your needs or even your deepest darkest secrets with those you keep close. Go for it. If it feels good for you, chances are, it is. Maybe there’s even a special someone on your mind you want to say ‘I like you’ to. We say do it. Why keep your feelings in when they’re meant to be expressed? Communicate, communicate, communication. With your words, your actions, and even your body language. Take that as you see fit, Cap.


In the beginning of May, you’re being encouraged to face your trauma head on. We know it isn’t the ideal situation for you, Aquarius, but it’s time to face, process, and release what has been troubling you. You certainly don’t have to tackle it all in one go. Take baby steps. But be efficient too, because towards the end of May at the onset of Gemini season, new love will be coming in for you, and you need to be ready and have the space to receive it. If you’re partnered, this could be a new friendship or business deal. Perhaps even reconnecting with an estranged family member. Clean out space this month to make room for new opportunities. Embrace vulnerability and remain open. May is primed and ready to assist you in leveling up. The rest is in your hands.


Dreamy Pisces, May will be a whirlpool of emotions, opportunities, and immense feeling and responsibility. But if anyone in the zodiac is primed to handle it, it’s you. Your family will be needing you this month. This could mean biological family, adopted family, chosen family, or even your pets! They’ll be seeking out advice, love, and support from you, and you’ll be ready to give. But don’t pour back into your cup throughout the day to ensure you have the energy and resources to see your mission to fruition. The planets are primed to bring a lover your way who will stand by your side through and through. If you’re single and looking, keep your eyes open and expect the unexpected. If you’re partnered, you’ll soon bear witness to a transformation within your partnership. Either way, May is looking like a beautiful month for you of service, love, and acceptance. The perfect trio for your poetic heart.

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