How To Cope With Job Application Burnout

As the pandemic causes youth unemployment to skyrocket, more and more young people are struggling

Current Affairs

Judge Amy Coney Barrett Isn’t A Step Forward For Women

How the confirmation of ACB puts American lives (and democracy) at stake

By Kaitlyn McQuin
November 1, 2020

Current Affairs, Interviews

Why My Miscarriage Cemented My Belief In Women’s Right To Abortion

Caroline Frost speaks to Deeyah Khan about her new documentary, 'America's War On Abortion'

By Caroline Frost
October 30, 2020


Beyond Shame

Restless founder Olivia on the meaning of survivor and today's product launch to support our

By Olivia DeRamus
October 29, 2020

Current Affairs, Power

On #EndSARS Protest And My Craving For Change In Nigeria

“This man died because he was driving an SUV”. 

By Ugonnaora Owoh
October 28, 2020


What Do You Mean By Diversity?

Gemma Doswell explores why true diversity in the workplace goes beyond appearances

By Gemma Doswell
October 27, 2020


The Double Standard Of Politeness

Kaitlyn McQuin knows that politeness is a distinctly female quality

By Kaitlyn McQuin
October 20, 2020


Some Of Us Actually Miss The Office

Not all of us want to work from home, we meet the womxn that miss

By Bethany Fulton
October 19, 2020

Current Affairs, Power

Domestic Abuse Is a Voter Suppression Issue

Victims of domestic abuse face a new kind of threat

By Evie Muir
October 15, 2020


7 Ways To Create Boundaries When Working From Home

Work/life balance out of sync? Here's how to fix it

By Habiba Katsha
October 14, 2020

#MeToo, Power

The Boarding School Issue: Institutions Frozen In Time

Boarding school has long been an institution which has excluded women, Izzy Copestake explores why

By Izzy Copestake
October 13, 2020

#MeToo, Power

Our Nipples Aren’t the Problem, Men Are

Addressing the disparities in censorship and calling out the real threats to society

By Kaitlyn McQuin
October 12, 2020

Current Affairs, Power

Are You Racist?

The intent isn’t relevant, the outcome is

By Evie Muir
October 3, 2020

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