Restless Network is Hiring!

Restless Network is Hiring!

Do you have the skills to be a Restless community manager? Apply now

Want to join the Restless Network team? Now’s your chance. We’re hiring a community manager to help us take care of our amazing community on the Restless Network app. Check out the below details, and if you think you’re the right fit, send your resume and a cover letter to

Community Manager

– Freelance, Remote, US based job. LA location is a plus.

Must be passionate about social media, building communities, analytics, women’s issues, #MeToo, and racial justice. 

This is a multidisciplinary role that can be tailored depending on the successful applicant’s skill set, but proficiency in the below areas are preferred.  Tasks include:

– Daily monitoring and signposting of the #MeToo, racial justice, or good news feeds.

– engaging with users, removing any posts that are against community guidelines.

– Coming up with digital events and activities, executing them accordingly.

– Collaboratively innovating on engagement, content, and event strategies.

– Content writing for app resources on various subjects. Particularly #metoo, mental health, or racial justice.

– Willing to be in an outward facing role where on occasion you will be in front of the camera

– Tracking engagement/monitoring of community stats.

Professional expertise and training on #MeToo and/or racial justice issues is needed for this job. We don’t expect training in both, so please apply even if you only have expertise in one of these areas. People with prior experience in counseling or victim support are highly encouraged to apply.

Prior experience in social media and content creation required.

This job is for you if: you are a multitasker, you love talking to people, you’re outgoing, you’re passionate about building community, and if you can nerd out happily on engagement analytics.

This job is not for you if: You don’t like fast paced, evolving start up environments, you’re uncomfortable in an outward facing role, or if you don’t like social media.

There will be occasions where you will be expected to pick up timely issues and be willing to put in work on the weekends. Specifically concerning handling any instances of harassment or inappropriate post reports.



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