5 Small Businesses to Support From the Couch

5 Small Businesses to Support From the Couch

Treating yourself while supporting other women? A win for everyone

There’s no doubt that COVID19 has been a challenge for small businesses across the UK. As many rely on footfall and local trade, it’s a tough time to be a new or growing retailer. More so than ever, they need our support. From hitting follow on Instagram to making a purchase, here are five small businesses (that have been tried and tested by the Restless team) recommend.  



Located in South Manchester, Rare Mags is pretty much what it says on the tin. They sell cool, independent magazines and zines. Offering fast – low-cost postage you’ll be actively supporting a small business and an independent magazine. 

With plenty of time on your hands, who wouldn’t want something a little bit niche to grace their coffee table? Have a browse of their selection here




Stuck at home? That’s a lot of not getting dressed for most of us. Instead, don some fabulous underwear courtesy of Womanhood. A fearless female-led brand that offers a huge range of underwear from bamboo bras, designed to relax in, to delicate lace details for something a little more sultry. 

Lose yourself browsing their collections made entirely by female designers.  




Led by its namesake, Olivia Annabelle is a British female brand with a Wes Anderson twist. Producing small, sustainable collections, her clothes are designed to last. Pick up a fabulous frock for twirling around the living room in, or one of her bestselling silk scarves as a mother’s day gift. 



Located in King’s Cross, S120 is home to dreamy womenswear, chunky shoes and 70’s style home furnishings. Pick up one of their infamous tarot card cutting boards for a rapid kitchen update, or a healing crystal if you’re after some good energy. 

With an emphasis on female-led clothing and products, this is a shop to add to your bookmarks. 



Ready to up your earring game? I mean really up your earring game?

Enter Bloma. Quirky floral accessories designed to last, hand-designed and made in Manchester, Bloma offers well-priced earrings and necklaces that will make you feel fabulous. I personally recommend the Daisy earrings (I have two pairs), they’re lightweight and super easy to wear.



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