6 Books to Escape In

6 Books to Escape In

With the stress of the pandemic getting to us, here are our top picks for escapist reading

One of the most vital tips for staying sane in today’s worrying and often lonely environment is to take some time to unplug. Instagram, the news, and those serious literature books we like to display on our bookshelves that are usually depressing – don’t count. To really unplug, try delving deep into an intensely escapist novel, with characters roaming and galavanting around other countries or even universes. Below are some of our favorite escapist recommendations.

Good Omens

By Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett 

A book about the end of the world that still manages to be cheerful. One angel and one demon come together to stop the apocalypse – and might actually become friends along the way! Read for a giggle and a happy ending. Plus, once you read it, you can watch Amazon’s TV show version. buy it here.

Something to hide

By Deborah Moggach

Set in London, Beijing, West Africa, and Texas – this is a new kind of international romance from the author of the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. The characters are flawed people, but that just makes this book more readable. Read for: affairs, betrayal, and drama. Buy it here!


Julie Kagawa

An imaginative fantasy from a female author, this is my ideal book for a bad day. The main characters are two (dragon) siblings in hiding. There’s romance, spy type hijinks, and an interesting AF plot line. Yes it’s far fetched, but in a world crisis, do you really want to be thinking about reality? Buy it here.

Deep Blue

By Jennifer Donnelly

Another feminist fantasy, but this time about mermaids. Yes, mermaids. Don’t hate! This isn’t some cheesy fairy tale either. It’s got great writing and a genuinely interesting plot line. Buy it here.

Eat Pray Love

By Elizabeth Gilbert

I read this years ago, but I always go back to it for a slice of extreme comfort with a side of adventure. Gilbert’s own journey has a way of making you feel seen, even if she’s in the middle of India. For extra points, follow up with a watch of the movie version. Buy it here.


By Diana Gabaldon

If you’re starting to feel like you have nothing to do while stuck at home, this is the book for you. An intelligently written historical romance, time traveling adventure, it’s a vast series that’ll take you many weeks to get through. It’s so good, the powers that be had to make it into a TV show. Quarantine entertainment sorted. Buy it here.

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