LUST LIST – December

LUST LIST – December

Drumroll, please. It’s Christmas! Got a pal that’s hard to buy for? We’ve got you covered.

Drumroll, please. It’s Christmas!

Well, sort of. With just a few weeks to go, we’ve compiled the best stuff on the web to make sure that you can spread the festive cheer. Got a pal that’s hard to buy for? Or, even better, you want to treat yourself. All of the below have been handpicked by the Restless Magazine team. From fashion friends to arty acquaintances, to everyone in between, have a read of this month’s Lust List for your guide to the best Christmas gifts:

EMJOY – Self-love app

The thought of the long Christmas to-do list is making you bang your head on the table? You might want to kickstart the festive period with a different kind of, bang. Emjoy is the self-help app that encourages you to prioritise your pleasure and helps guide you to sexual happiness. A subscription provides guided audio practices tailored for you, designed by licensed sex therapists.

So, come on, put down that turkey baster – you’ve got more pressing matters at hand.

FERM LIVING – Hand Carved Candles 

Ferm Living’s wonderfully artisan candles are simply hand-crafted to perfection. Made in Copenhagen and inspired by old Germanic craftsmanship. Seriously, who wouldn’t want a strikingly unique candle like this to wade away winter blues? We’ll wait…

PRICK – Boutique Cacti 

Winter in London can be a Prick. But Prick in Dalston is London’s first boutique dedicated to cacti and it’s brilliant. They source the most peculiar and exotic cacti and succulents to sustainably freshen up your interior. As founder Gynelle Leon remarks: these lovely plants are beautiful, low maintenance and outlast most of our relationships – they’re a keeper.

DONNA WILSON – Pebble Scarf 

Stay wrapped up warm in this cosy pebble scarf by Donna Wilson. Their colourful British-made creations have been softly blessing us since 2003. There’s no way you would regret dipping your toes into their wonderfully wacky world of wool. 

EMMA HARDY STUDIO – Polymer Clay Earrings

Emma Hardy Studio creates these bespoke statement pieces to dress up our humble lobes. Injecting a modern pop of art to take your Christmas outfit for the office party to the next level. Made with loving hands and packaged with eco-friendly materials. Dave from HR is set to be green with envy.

LIMPET STORE – David on a Prawn Christmas Card

Limpet store make the coolest ethically produced items. Remember the company that made the ‘David Attenborough riding a shrimp’ with the slogan “save our oceans”, yeah? Well, they’re making Christmas great again, with David and his shrimp spearheading the revolution. A Christmas card with a red-heeled kick!


Listen, everyone can make a tit of themselves, but not everyone is lucky enough to write about it in their boob journal. We have a sneaky suspicion Ark colour designs invented fun. Their cheeky and bold colourful nature makes them a go-to for great gifts – even if the lucky recipient is yourself! All their products are manufactured by a small family run business in Scotland. So, free that nipple in public by whipping out your notepad – like a badass.

NUDDY SOAP – Pink Grapefruit

News just in, soap is cool now. All thanks to Nuddy, the sassy soap brand who champion being 100% plastic, cruelty and SLS FREE and are absolutely killing the game. Their deliciously scented soaps have a shea butter base making them vegan-friendly, not to mention all the ingredients are sourced right here in the U.K. And they’re less bitter than your ex – what more can you ask for?

LIV&DOM – Nude essential oil burner

This one’s for all the nudists out there, or essential oil aficionados…or, in fact, just anyone who likes dreamy things. Liv and Dom, the fantastical ceramicist and illustrator twin duo, hand make the most spellbinding ethereal ceramics. We totally can’t help but fangirl at how their delicate pieces celebrate womanhood through the female gaze. A must buy!

HAPPY GO LUCKY – Abstract Floral Wrapping Paper

Thanks to Happy Go Lucky you can wave adios to cheesy wrapping paper the texture of tissue; and hello to presents wrapped in sexier and sturdier material. This modern take on wrapping paper comes delivered in an eco, biodegradable cello bag – just how we, and Santa, like it.


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