5 New Beauty Brands You Need To Shop

5 New Beauty Brands You Need To Shop

And, they’re all independent. Tahmina Begum gives you the low down

We’re living in a time where there is an overwhelming number of beauty brands. The days of only shopping at your local drug store or even the MAC counter are over. Beauty brands are now niche, targeting a community and focusing on a propose, whether that’s hyperpigmentation, halal sourcing or vegan ingredients. Makeup has finally become personal. 

With the faces of beauty (in front of the camera and behind) changing, comes the new era of beauty. Here are five names you can refresh your makeup bag with. 


Sunnies Face

‘Effortless beauty and modern design’ is the best way to describe Sunnies Face. Filipino based beauty-first brand, whose lipsticks makes you want to take pictures of your bare hands and a Sunnies Face Airbrush, Sunnies Face is not just another millennial pink beauty brand.

Through the ‘fluffmatte’ lipsticks and Play Paint nail polishes, Sunnies Face shows how women of colour can also get the wake-up-and-go-look too. 


Ona Organics

Holistic skincare is a step ahead of your standard organic and natural beauty: it’s based on the rituals. Based on ancient Ayurvedic and Eastern medicine, Ona Organics cares about elevating the skin, spirit and mind. It’s no wonder that Ona Organic’s Radiance Body Oil has become a cult product in the clean beauty scene.

Tasneem Cosmetics

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HOLD UP, THEY DON’T LOVE YOU LIKE I LOVE YOU 💛 No shade to the ‘manz’ (the big corp manz), but as a woman of colour and a woman of colour that has grown up in a Western society I was compelled and inspired to showcase the beauty and excellence of my fellow POC sisters and brothers! TASNEEM Cosmetics is a brand built for YOU by someone like YOU! I want to emphasise the struggle, the tenacity, the beauty, the culture and the POWER of minority communities all day every day! Our products have been developed from day☝🏾to look amazing, feel amazing and wear amazingly on ALL skin tones and ALL skin textures 🙌🏼🙌🏽🙌🏾🙌🏿 We’ve done the research, we’ve done the testing and we’ve seen the amazing RESULTS! All that is left is for you to enjoy and love how TASNEEM Cosmetics makes you feel and look like the Queens and Kings that you are 👑 SHOP 👉🏿 www.tasneemcosmetics.com #tasneemcosmetics

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Created out of a desire to produce lip colours for women of all shades and undertones, Tasneem Cosmetics is the cruelty-free lippy you want in your makeup bag.

The founder of the self-named beauty company writes, “For many years I personally struggled with feeling the love when it came to makeup especially when finding the perfect lipstick shade. If you’re two shades darker than ‘almond’ you’re going to face nightmare nudes and off-tone reds. 

“Having had enough of being left out of the commercial beauty industry, I decided to create my very own custom lipsticks, with shades carefully crafted to suit not only my skin tone but also a variety of complexions!’ 

The 2-in-1 liquid and matte lipstick set is the easiest combo to switch up your look. 



Self-described as  ‘wholistic luxury skincare’, Lepaar cares about the nurturing experiences skincare can have on one’s body. For example, Lepaar keeps in mind stressed-out skin with their Luminous Beauty Balm and a lack of sleep with their Serenity Evening Balsam Circadian Cell Recharge

This higher-tier skin and body care brand also care about having ingredients which are sun-infused whole-plant extracts. Leepar’s packaging is also presented in patented UV light filtering Miron glass vessels with recycled foil-printed paper labels or hand-applied traditional pine resin wax seal (with no vinyl or plastic) and made by the same Parisian sealing wax maker since 1600 for the Kings and Queens of Europe. There is thought at every stage for Lepaar — an ailment to our modern lifestyles.



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Cosmic mornings via our friends @sanaskinstudio 🪐

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What’s refreshing about this new class of beauty brands is the focus tends to be on one area and even one product. Supernal does exactly that. 

This beauty brand may be clean and conscious (with an aptly stimulating Instagram) but the Cosmic Glow Oil is the centre of the show. Using organic, natural, non-NGMO, wild-harvested ingredients and hand-blended in small batches, the ingredients themselves are simple yet compelling with three forms of Omegas, made for normal, dry, oily and combination skin. It’s super pretty on your shelf too.




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