6 Sex Toys for Solo Play

6 Sex Toys for Solo Play

Make the most of isolation by shaking up your masturbation routine with these tried-and-tested recommendations

Sex toys are a great way to shake up your masturbation routine and enjoy some self-love. From high-tech gadgets with a range of settings to the more simplistic bullets, there’s plenty of sex toys to suit everyone’s needs. But which toy is the right one for you, and where do you begin? Assessing the best options on the market, we’ve put together these top toys for upping your masturbation ante.   

Rocks-Off 7-Speed Bullet Vibrator 

A nifty bullet vibrator is an ace first toy. Small in size and discreet in volume, it’s a staple for anyone with a vulva. (Especially great for those in shared houses or living with family!) The bullet’s diminutive size and simplistic design make it non-intimidating and easy to use, therefore also accessible for those with disabilities. What’s more, you can grab a bullet vibrator from most supermarkets and drugstores for under a tenner.  Compared to their wand and rabbit counterparts, the bullet may at first appear dull. However, it’s one of the most effective toys for precise stimulation, as it can easily target specific areas of your body. You can simply place it against your clit for external stimulation, use all around your vulva, and even on your nipples. This 7-speed ‘Precious Passion’ is a strong contender, despite its lame name. Priced at just £6.60, the simplicity of it is met with decadence – as it’s made from 24 carat gold, meaning you can masturbate like a true queen.  

Adam & Eve Silicone Diamond Darling Vibrator 

This silicone vibrator is completely waterproof, so you can use it in the bath for extra special self-care, or in the shower for a  ‘quickie’ style solo session. With ten unique vibration speed, pattern and intensity settings, it’s worth investing in this toy for some serious exploration. The exterior is a huge part of what makes it a favourite for me. I love a toy that’s effective for pleasure, but also looks good in photos! This toy has a velvety-smooth pink silicone exterior, making it nice to look at and gentle to touch. Silicone toys have some flexibility, so they make for a more comfortable insertion process – while the accompanying grooves and curves will put pressure on your G-spot and help you orgasm. 

Lovehoney Magic Wand Vibrator 

With zero subtlety and plenty of oompf, wand vibrators are the power tools of the sex world. This mains-operated magic wand from Lovehoney is a contender for Greatest Sex Toy of All Time. What it lacks in discretion, it makes up for in vigour. If you enjoy super-intense orgasms, this one’s for you. With various speed settings controllable via a wheel, it is strong yet easy to tailor to personal tastes (even mid-use). This toy is, without a doubt, the best sex toy I’ve ever used, and its robust, durable design has survived two years with a very horny me. Wand vibrators can seem a little daunting at first. When mine first arrived, my first thought was, ‘Oh God, what have I brought into my home?’ but the variety of speed settings mean you don’t have to jump in all guns blazing.

Moregasm+ Petite Rampant Rabbit

Every person with a vulva should try a rabbit. With a slightly more complex design, rabbits have various sections designed to help you achieve multiple orgasms. Depending on which bunny you choose. Some rabbit toys come with two sections, the larger section made for stimulating the G-spot (internal) and the other for clitoral stimulation (external). Some rabbits come with an extra ‘branch’ to focus on anal stimulation. This time, I’m recommending this ‘two-branched’ Moregasm+ Petite Rampant Rabbit from Ann Summers. The extended section of the toy plays the supporting role, stimulating your clitoris for even more pleasure. 

Tracy’s Dog Suction Vibrator 

Similar to the rabbit, this Tracy’s Dog Suction vibrator is made to multitask. This toy – described as an ‘oral sex toy’ – has two important parts. One end is a vibrator, designed to fit snugly in the vagina and stimulate a G-spot orgasm, while the other end secures onto the clit and performs suction, mimicking a sucking motion. So if you’re looking for a toy that feels like someone is licking or sucking your clit, while also receiving a G-spot orgasm, this toy is about to become your BFF. While this toy is amazing, proceed with caution! This is certainly the most intense toy on this list. Once this toy is in the right place, it doubles down and gets to work like it’s trying incredibly hard to impress you. In fact, this toy caught viral attention for its extreme power.  And although you can alter the speed and intensity settings, it’s very fiddly to do mid-use. It’s a kind of ‘trial and error’ toy – it’s best to try different settings, remove it, and alter accordingly in the beginning. 


Lovehoney Luxury Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator

If you’re on a quest to find your G-spot, then curve is the word… The curve of the vibrator is designed to place pressure against the G-spot, aiding orgasm. This luxury rechargeable G-spot vibrator from Lovehoney comes equipped with that all-important curve, while its purple, smooth exterior certainly places it in the category of ‘Instagram-able toy’.


All of these toys are fantastic options with a wide range of orgasm experiences to choose from. The most important thing to remember with using sex toys for solo play, is that toys are personal. Choose your toy carefully, based on your criteria for what you want from masturbation. Once it arrives, get to know your toy carefully and adjust according to your preferences. Happy wanking! 

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