LUST LIST – February

LUST LIST – February

It’s finally payday! Here’s what you’ll want to spend your hard earned cash on

Can we all please commit to signing a petition to slow down 2020…because she’s really legging it. And I think I speak for all of us when I say “WE’RE KNACKERED”. But alas, before January sprints away from us we’ve managed to still curate a show-stopping Lust List for this month. Strapped in? 

LUCY & YAK – Corduroy Dungarees 

2020 is the year of intentional purchases and what better place to start than with your own pair of ethically made dungarees. The story of Lucy and Yak is bursting with character and inspiration. They are seriously serious when it comes to their ethos and wonderfully fun about their style! Definitely a great brand to invest your coin in this new year. Plus farmer chic is totally in, right? *picks hoe up*

KOIFOOTWEAR – Cowboy Boots

….Add into the mix these badass Koifootwear cowboy boots and you are rocking farmer chic with a bit of yee-awh! If you’re looking to inject a bit of wild and wacky personality into your wardrobe, you, my friend are in the right place. What’s more, believe it or not all their products are 100% vegan! These boots are made for walking, strutting, dropping it low, and herding compliments.

OHNE – Organic Tampons

“100% organic tampons, 100% bullshit-free.” Yaaa – and I can’t stress this enough – aaaasss. What’s not to love! We and our vagina’s stan’ a brand that doesn’t want to pump us with toxic chemicals. OHNE has stepped up and called themselves the holy grail of tampons and we’re inclined to agree. They provide organic, unbleached and leak-free tampons – without the tampon tax. *the crowd goes wild*. Basically, you pick what you want from your period kit and then get it delivered to you every month – easy. Plus, they have a section called cramp care. Not being dramatic but we would literally bleed for this brand. 


If Seventies disco had a modern love child it would hands down manifest itself in the form of Poodle and Blonde. Without a doubt the most bodacious pick for groovy interior designs. Each wallpaper design comes with a story. The one above tells a tale of the Money Tree – rows of romantic evergreen bamboo branches feature dangling gold coins. Just like their products. The luxurious interior company has equally a fascinating brand story behind it. Let’s just say it started in a 70’s themed house filled with 18 pets…

MMVCE – Prints

There’s a blank wall in your abode just begging to be filled by a MMVCE print. Effortlessly elegant illustration, influenced by African heritage, bright colours and simplified shapes. Each piece skillfully constructed to reveal a stunning art piece that can be proudly displayed in your home. 

NIKKIMCWILLIAMS – Custard Cream Cushion

It is a biscuit pillow. I don’t feel obliged to say any more than that…It’s a bloody biscuit pillow that you can sit on whilst eating biscuits. It’s genius really, it’s the only furniture that wouldn’t mind getting crumbs all over itself. Who do we have to thank for this delicious creation? Nikki McWilliams that’s who. Founded in 2009, her designs were inspired by a love for good ol’ British culture and a love for taking a tea break. She does stock a range of biscuits, so if you’re more of a bourbon lover you can still tuck in. 

THE ORDINARY –  Cleanser

Pause your hunt for your 2020 cleanser for your skincare routine – we’ve got your back. Well, face. The Ordinary is all the rage amongst the skincare diehards which automatically fills us with trust. Plus, they boast of their commitment to bringing back integrity into skincare. Their tag line being ‘clinical formulations with integrity’. Boy, do we love that! Their evolving collection of minimalistic goodness is helping pores all across the country. 


Somewhere in a dusty mahogany room lies a sacred scroll that reads: “Thou shalt treat yourself to a mani now and again. ‘Cause thou art worth it mate. ” Look, I wouldn’t question it. What I would do though is shuffle my arse on over to Shoreditch Nails which is appropriately located in Shoreditch (and Dalston). Why? Because they are the absolute hot spot for beautifully designed nail art and fabulous treatment. You don’t just go to get nailed, they treat their salons as a hub for self-care, creativity and pure enjoyment. I’d listen to the scroll if I were you…

NAF STUFF – Cuticle Oil Pen

Enter NAF! Stuff with all your nail care needs on the tip of their, most likely well-manicured, fingers! This fun and flirty brand have created an accessible way to expertly tend to your paws. Their cuticle oils are designed to protect the skin, improve nail growth and keep your manicure looking sexy and definitely not naff. 

MARY BENSON – Limited Edition Lucille Velvet Bag

Fly me to the moon…or just get me this limited edition Mary Benson bag. The moon is pretty and all, but does it have these delicious frills? Not last I checked. Ethically made in London from delicately sourced velvet. Each individual bag is hand made to a glittery perfection! A gorgeous celestial body crafted for your pleasure.

P.s. checked again, still no frills.



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