Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear

Um. It goes where?
Tomi Otekunrin gives us the low-down on crystal sex toys.

Vibrator not sending good vibrations? Done with the dildo? Then chuck them out and get yourself a crystal sex toy.

Kidding! Don’t chuck them but if you haven’t quite found a sex toy that is your speed then a crystal sex toy might be for you. 

So, how does it work? And, how do you use them?

Crystal sex toys are made from, you guessed it, crystals. Rose quartz, amethyst, clear quartz and green aventurine seem to be the most popular materials but there are plenty more to pick from. Crystals have specific and clear vibrations, it is best to have an intention in your mind so you’ll know which crystal’s properties aligns with your current needs. Maybe you end up picking a crystal because you find it looks attractive, that’s okay too. 

Using crystal sex toys might be a new sensation especially if you’ve never used hard toys made out of glass or steel, they’re completely smooth, feel weighty in your hands and come in various shapes to accommodate your needs.

What stands out the most is the complete control you feel when using it. The toy can be warmed up quickly to match your body temperature or you can put it in the fridge if you prefer it cold. Using a crystal sex toy can be a new experience – you control the speed and intensity.

So, before a session, you might it helpful to set out intentions and manifest what you’d like to happen during your session, how you’d like to feel during and afterwards. This is a great method to use if you’re thinking of practising ‘mindful’ sex.

Chakrubs, founded by Vanessa Cuccia, were one of the first brands to launch a crystal sex toy range. First up, it’s worth noting that crystal sex toys are definitely an investment, with Chakrubs’ Amethyst Slim Wand retailing at £131.53. Crystals are also a non-renewable resource, but with proper care can last a lifetime and therefore reduce the need to constantly replace them in comparison to plastic or silicone toys.

Getting a chance to talk to Jenny Sotelo, the creative director of Chakrubs, was eye-opening as she mentioned how the toys have helped customers that had conditions such as vaginismus and/or helped customers start their healing process after experiencing sexual trauma. She also mentioned that Chakrubs crystal sex toys are used by people in the trans community and can be beneficial for trans-women that have opted for bottom surgery and are looking for methods to help with dilation. There are plenty of beautiful and compelling customer testimonials on their website that could turn a sceptic into a believer.

Water or oil-based lube can be used with a crystal sex toy and if you’re still coconut oil obsessed, then that works too. The toys should be cleaned before and after every use with mild soap and warm water, then stored in a cool, dry place. 

If you’re already a crystal pro then you know that you can charge your crystal in direct sun or moonlight, cleanse it by storing it in a bowl of brown rice or by waving the toy through sage smoke. There are many cleansing and clearing methods that you can research, maybe skip the brown rice one though as it doesn’t really help set the mood and it might just make you hungry but hey maybe that’s also up your alley. 

It is important to check with any product you use especially if you’ll be using internally, that it is made from high-quality materials and is made ethically. There’s a lot of conflicting information about crystal sex toys and porosity which can lead to the accumulation of bacteria. 

Rose quartz, clear quartz and amethyst are said to be non-porous, other crystals may be porous so it’s best to get advice from your seller and as always, make sure you’re washing your product per the instructions.

Crystal sex toys can be a great way for you to really to get to know your body. Offering you complete control of your orgasm. 

So, this year, forget sexual healing, it’s all about the crystal.


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