The Best of Zoom Beauty

The Best of Zoom Beauty

Your digital beauty fix, we’re loving these lockdown beauty and wellbeing treatments

2020 has been a rollercoaster for beauty and wellbeing – the year that challenged our mental health, closed our salons and wreaked havoc on our skin (yes, we’re looking at you, mask acne).

But every cloud has a silver lining. While lockdown has proved challenging, the beauty industry has risen to the occasion, creating innovative new services and treatments to cater to our ‘new normal’. The boom in digital wellness and video consultations has created a whole new playground for beauty lovers.

From established brands to independent beauty pros, here’s our rundown of the best in virtual beauty to book now.

Renude Skincare 

Price: Free photo consultation / £20 video consultation

Launched mid-lockdown, Renude is a female-founded startup designed to democratise good skin. Take the free online assessment, upload your bare skin pics and book an optional video consultation with a skincare expert. They’ll recommend a skincare routine from their tried and tested list of expert-backed products, tailored to your budget and your skin’s needs. Renude are totally independent from brands, so there’s no bias and no pressure to buy, just personalised, ingredient-focussed advice that saves you time and money on the guesswork. 

Virtual Reiki with Project Ajna

Price: £55 for 45min reiki session or £65 for 45min tarot reading

If you’ve been feeling stressed or overwhelmed, or find it hard to unplug and relax, a virtual reiki session is perfect for getting back to zen. Giselle, founder of Project Ajna, is an expert in teaching you how to chill the F out. Giselle also offers virtual tarot readings if you need guidance on your career, are freaking out about the future or have some relationship stuff to figure out. Her soothing voice and calming presence is exactly the energy we need right now.

Confidence Coaching with Tiwa Olungesi, founder of Confident and Killing It

Price: Free 30min session

Whether the extra time in lockdown has had you planning your next career move or feeling a little lost, our resident confidence coach Tiwa Ogunlasi will guide you towards the life you desire, until you’re totally unstoppable. Tiwa offers one-to-one sessions on everything from tackling imposter syndrome to embracing vulnerability and bouncing back from failure. Try the free 30-min confidence booster here and catch Tiwa’s Confident and Killing It video series on the Restless Network app here!

Clarins & Me Free Consultation Service

Price: Free 15min sessions

The iconic French skincare brand is sharing its wealth of knowledge with the launch of the Clarins & Me free 15-min virtual sessions. Choose from one of six packages, including ‘Supercharge your Routine’, ‘Cleanse and Go’ and ‘Beauty Sleep’, and have an in-house beauty expert guide you through some new techniques to incorporate into your regimen.

Cosmetic Acupuncture & Holistic Therapy with Sarah Bradden

Price: Available on enquiry

Holistic therapist and cosmetic acupuncturist Sarah Bradden has a roster of influential clients on her books – from Sharmadean Reid to Laura Weir. Allow her to guide you through a virtual one-to-one session with breathing exercises, facial massage, facial acupressure and even applying your own ear seeds, to re-energise your skin, relieve stress and improve sleep.

Virtual Tarot with Suhaiyla Shakuwra 

Price: £30 for 15mins or £65 for 45mins

If you’re looking to reconnect with yourself or seek some guidance on a specific issue, tarot can be the perfect framework for recentering. Suhaiyla is a wellness practitioner known for her workshops on mindfulness, the art of being present and, of course, tarot readings. Offering virtual sessions from 15 to 45 mins, you can opt for a quick check-in or go in-depth on multiple themes. Looking for a sign? This is it.

Face Gym’s 1-2-1 Digital Facial Workout 

Price: £45 for 45mins

Face Gym is known for its ability to lift, contour and sculpt a face with nothing but the therapist’s bare hands – and now you can learn the techniques at home. Book a 35min one-to-one with your own ‘personal trainer’ and learn how to give your face muscles the ultimate at-home workout, with bespoke massage movements tailored to your goals. Incorporate these moves into your daily routine to get the most bang for your buck – perfect for improving lymphatic drainage and stimulating circulation.

Custom Wig Consultation with Igor Hair

Price: Free consultation 

Looking to come out of lockdown with a whole new slay? Igor Hair is your go-to. Founded by celebrity hair stylist and wig artist Danielle Igor, Igor Hair offers free consultations to create the wig of your dreams. Get expert advice on colour, cut and shape, before providing your measurements and getting your wig custom made and shipped to your door. Leaving the house? We would never.

Westman Atelier’s Free Clean Beauty Consultation

Price: Free 10min session

Natural beauty brand Westman Atelier, founded by top MUA, Gucci Westman, is offering free 10-min virtual sessions with its team of MUA experts to share tips on products, shade matching, application and make-up prep. Learn from the best and ask all of your burning questions on the best make-up for you.

MAC Virtual Try-On

Price: Free

One of the most established global make-up brands, MAC has no shortage of formulas or shades. Their new virtual try-on tool allows you to trial over 200 products – including lipsticks, mascara, eyeshadow and highlighter. Just activate your webcam or upload pics and you’ve got a whole new makeup kit to play with! The perfect, risk-free way to see if you’ll suit that bold red or vampy purple this fall.

West Room Aesthetics Skin Health Consultation

Price: £95 for 45mins

Launched at the beginning of 2020 by leading aesthetician and founder of Black Skin Directory, Dija Ayodele, West Room Aesthetics is the ultimate for skin health, especially for women of colour. West Room offers a 45-min video call dedicated to discussing your skin’s needs, before putting together a bespoke plan of treatments and medical-grade products and compiling all of your recommendations in a comprehensive email.

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