What is Valerie’s Law and Why is it Important?

Evie Muir talks to Sistah Space about Valerie's Law and the importance of culturally cognizant

Mind & Body

If You’re a Lonely Young Woman You’re Not Alone

Nina Cresswell explores the L word

By Nina Cresswell
August 24, 2020

Mind & Body

My Period Makes Me Suicidal

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) is a chronic condition so debilitating that 15 per cent of

By Kimberley Bond
August 23, 2020


Has American Office Culture Changed Since #MeToo?

It’s been nearly three years since the #MeToo movement started - Beth Ashley asks if

By Beth Ashley
August 18, 2020


I Gave Up Coffee To Help My Anxiety

Could giving up your daily cuppa really help your mental health? One Restless writer finds

By Elizabeth Bennett
April 13, 2020


5 Books That’ll Make You Feel Less Alone

Books can offer a unique solace for both the alone and the lonely. Here are

By Charlotte Moore
April 11, 2020

Mind & Body

The Anxiety of Washing Your Hands

While everyone is feeling the pressure right now, for those with ongoing anxiety and/or OCD,

By Jennifer Crichton
April 9, 2020

Current Affairs

Are You a High or Low Skilled Worker?

Gemma Doswell explains why the UK's proposed points based immigration system is so problematic

By Gemma Doswell
April 8, 2020


In Defense of the Exclamation Mark

Ellie Kime is back to discuss the politics of a particular piece of email etiquette...

By Ellie Kime
April 7, 2020

Current Affairs

How COVID-19 is Affecting the Porn Industry

We've talked about how the pandemic is hurting the economy, but what about sex workers?

By Bethany Fulton
April 7, 2020

Current Affairs

Don’t Whitewash Our NHS

You're clapping for them, but are you actually seeing the full picture when it comes

By Tahmina Begum
April 6, 2020

Current Affairs

Could COVID-19 Help Trump Win the Election?

Election coverage has all but disappeared, this could seriously impact America's future

By Louise Scarce
April 5, 2020


6 Books to Escape In

With the stress of the pandemic getting to us, here are our top picks for

By Olivia DeRamus
April 4, 2020

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