Nüshu: A Lost Language and Its Links to #MeToo

Despite censorship, #MeToo has taken China by storm. We find out why

Current Affairs

The Transgender Community Needs Action

Ben Pechey tells us why Transgender Awareness Week must be taken further than visibility

By Ben Pechey
November 15, 2019

Current Affairs

Nigel Farage: Chancer-In-Chief?

Caroline Frost wonders whether Nigel's "unilateral alliance" is motivated by country or for personal gain

By Caroline Frost
November 14, 2019

Current Affairs

Xenocentrism Is Not a Compliment – It’s Offensive

One Restless writer asks whether xenocentrism is the most dangerous form of cultural appropriation

By Adele Lindsay
November 13, 2019

Current Affairs

Don’t Tell Us What to Wear: Japanese Women Fight Back

The glasses ban in Japan is just another example of misogyny in the workplace, says

By Jessie Williams
November 12, 2019

Current Affairs

Will the UK Decriminalise Prostitution?

Claudia Paterson looks at whether sex work could be made legal and the potential implications

By Claudia Paterson
November 12, 2019

Current Affairs

Make Westminster a Safer Place For Women

Next in our 'Women in Politics' series, Valerio Esposito looks at the hostile environment female

By Valerio Esposito
November 11, 2019

Current Affairs

The Woman Who Created Feminist Foreign Policy

One Restless writer looks at the legacy of Margot Wallström

By Louise Scarce
November 8, 2019

Current Affairs

Gina Miller on Moving Forward in a Nation Divided

She made history with her two victories over the government at the Supreme Court -

By Caroline Frost
November 7, 2019

Current Affairs

Fighting Taboos Around Cancer in BAME Communities

Leanne Pero’s photo exhibition brings out the voices of BAME cancer warriors

By Cecile Bussy
November 7, 2019

Current Affairs

Calm Down About Emma Watson

The internet is exploding over the actress's self partnered comment. We explain why it's not

By Becky Kleanthous
November 6, 2019

Current Affairs

Katie Hill and the Double Standards of Female Sexuality

Remmy Fillip looks at the Katie Hill scandal and asks why women's sexuality is still

By Remmy Fillip
November 3, 2019

Current Affairs

Why Are So Many Female MPs Quitting?

At a time when we need them more than ever, female MPs are stepping down

By Caroline Frost
November 2, 2019

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