So, You Want More Sex?

While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution that guarantees bedroom bliss, we’ve found a few surefire ways

Sex & Relationships

#Adulting With Chinae Alexander

Your favorite advice columnist is back to help with a polyamorous break up and work

By Chinae Alexander
December 31, 2019

Sex & Relationships

A Thoroughly Modern Marriage

With civil partnerships about to become legally available to all couples, Alice Snape questions why

By Alice Snape
December 19, 2019

Sex & Relationships

How Japan Changed My Outlook on Sex and Love

Why dismissing the Japanese approach to sex as either seedy or chaste is to miss

By Teresa Tak
December 18, 2019

Sex & Relationships

Navigating Queer Non-Monogamy in Marriage

The key to finding the relationship, or relationships, that work for you? It’s all about

By Deborah Kavis
December 16, 2019

Sex & Relationships

Anti-Depressants Could Be Holding Your Libido Hostage

Beth Ashley explores the serious side effects no one is talking about.

By Beth Ashley
December 12, 2019

Sex & Relationships

I Lived With My Ex For A Year

Forced to be in close quarters with your ex? Jess Herbert understands. Here's how to

By Jess Herbert
December 10, 2019

Sex & Relationships

A Fear of Men

Ria Bhagwat examines the pervasive cultural conditioning that lead to her fear, and what changed

By Ria Bhagwat
December 7, 2019

Sex & Relationships

How is Porn Really Influencing Women’s Sex Lives?

One Restless writer investigates whether the proliferation of online porn has helped or hindered female

By Aimée Grant Cumberbatch
December 2, 2019

Sex & Relationships

Crystal Clear

Um. It goes where? Tomi Otekunrin gives us the low-down on crystal sex toys.

By Tomi Otekunrin
November 25, 2019

Sex & Relationships

Our Societal Obsession With Virginity

TI recently reminded us 'virginity testing' is still a thing, it's time t0 change that

By Becky Kleanthous
November 9, 2019

Sex & Relationships

Why You’ll Probably Meet Your Partner Online

It's time to get swiping

By Elissa Cynamon
November 6, 2019

Sex & Relationships

Sex Ed and The City

Phoebe Dodds finds out what we can learn from Dutch attitudes to sex

By Phoebe Dodds
October 26, 2019

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