December Horoscopes

December Horoscopes

What’s in the stars for you this holiday season? Take a peek into your future.

How’s everyone doing? It’s the year 2020, we’re in a pandemic, and the U.S. Presidential election has nearly killed us all (the anticipation, the relief, the laughter). We’re almost done, though. Thank the stars. We’re almost done with 2020, not with life! We still have so much more to do! Hang in there!

End the year with a bang (and, for some of you, a *super sexy bang*). Be mindful around December 21 and grab ahold of your spending before it gets the best of you. But, for the most part, it’s smooth (as smooth as 2020 allows anyway) sailing through the end of the year. 

Let’s dive in.


Have you been having moments of thinking, “Damn, I’m grateful” lately? Well, Sag, it’s because you should be! While 2020 has been a dumpster fire for the entire world population, for you it really hasn’t been all that bad. Lucky duck. What’s your secret? Speaking of secrets, you might be wanting to divulge a few of yours in the coming weeks. Modesty? What’s that? Shame? Never heard of it!

You’re in the driver’s seat of your life. It’s time to put the pedal to the metal, baby. Spend the remainder of the year and holiday season focused on you and your wants and needs. And get ready to enter a whirlwind in January but in a good way! The year 2021 is gonna look good on you.


Sometimes Caps can get a bad rap for being a bit bossy. Usually, you’re just like, “Ugh, we’re just earth-charged leaders”, but this time… nah, you bossy. Fear not! Being bossy isn’t always a negative thing. Tony Danza was the boss in that one show and people liked him. Just be sure not to let your go-getter ‘tude get in the way of friendships and connections. Reel it in before it goes too far, and you’ll thank yourself later.

On December 19, your wallet could get thicc thanks to Jupiter entering Aquarius! It could be from a promotion at work, an unexpected gift, or maybe the 1% sharing their wealth with us commoners (haha it won’t be this one, don’t hold your breath). Wherever it comes from, it’s yours. Invest wisely.


Repeat after me: “OMG WOW”. Learn it, practice it, live it, because the end of the year will have you screaming this time and time again. All of that work you put into yourself, your life, and your career will finally start to come to fruition on December 19 when Jupiter enters Aquarius. You’ll feel like your life is a movie, and you know what? Maybe it is! And one of the feel-good holiday ones where everything works out at the end to boot.

Put your thinking cap on towards the end of the month when a project you’re associated with will require some massive Big Brain Energy. Hint hint: that’s you, little air baby. Heed the call.


If a financial venture or business deal feels too good to be true, it probably is. Protect yourself and your wallet and walk the other way. You never know what you’ll find, and if we’re reading the stars correctly, it’s quality time in your bed. With a special hottie. You’ve been sexually unfulfilled this year, Pisces, but this winter is proving to be warmer already (and that’s without wearing that new sweater you just bought if you catch our drift).

Sink in and let it all flow. Financial uncertainty will shift come mid-December, as will your daily work routine. Bored of working from your couch? Join the club. Use your intuition to figure out what’s best for you. Make sure you don’t forget all the folks in your life who have showed up and showed out for you. You’re gonna need them in 2021. 


Aries, it’s time for some good news thrown your way, so open your hands and catch this: things are getting better. Your ruling planet, Mars, gets back on track after retrograde, so all of that stagnation at work? It’s almost behind you. Stay focused and continue to show up for yourself, as you do, and round out the year successfully. On the flip side, you have some *feelings* that may or may not pop out from time to time. But, you know what they say, sometimes it is better to get it all out in the open than keep it bottled up inside.

Do you have a coworker who constantly steals your yogurt? A neighbor who just won’t shut the frick up about petty sh*t? Tell them. Matter fact, let them have it. You’ll feel better. 


Taurus, you’ve kicked ass this year on the whole self-healing journey thing. Don’t let it go to waste. If you’re experiencing emotional distress (no offense, but when are you not), it’s time to release it and move on. In the words of that cold b-word Elsa, just let it go. Take some time for yourself, whether it be after the holiday festivities have passed, or perhaps just ten minutes before bed, and really ask yourself what you’ve learned this year.

What has 2020 taught you, other than people were real quick to love sourdough and quicker to leave it? What do you want to make space for in 2021? What does your soul want? Dig deep and find out. It’s waiting on the other side.


Yo, Gemini, at the end of November, we’re gonna need you to buckle your seatbelt. Seriously, we mean it. We will not drive off unless you are strapped in. A lunar eclipse and full moon are in your sign late November and you are going to want to eff sh*t up. But in a good way! Think of yourself as a blossoming flower, or a bird fleeing its nest, or how amazing womxn level up when they dump his ass. It’s gonna be great. Towards mid-December, however, you might hit a little bump, and by bump, we mean you’ll want to sabotage.

But it isn’t your fault. It’s your past self and current self stumbling into disagreement, and we get it! It’s confusing! If you must indulge in your past self’s antics, you have our support. Just don’t be alarmed if it causes strife in your circle, particularly during Christmastime. But, hey, that’s what eggnog is for, right? To drown out the sorrow and identity crises? You’ll be fine.


Cancer, you sometimes get flack for being too nice. Well, that’s about to change when Mars in retrograde ends. You’re probably feeling more aligned with your power and voice already. And good for you! Grab ahold of the schedule and make space for what your heart wants. Nothing more, nothing less. And if your heart wants to bone your cutie friend, then make it happen. Solidarity, sister. We’ve got your back. Prepare your pocketbooks for an unexpected financial windfall coming in around the middle of the month.

Perfect timing for the holidays! Instead of throwing the extra cash into a gift for others, give yourself a gift or two this month, Cancer. Might we suggest a fun new sex toy? Why the hell not, right? 


Leo, we know you love to own a room (and the conversation, let’s be real), but try to ease up a bit this month and focus on making relationships stronger, not louder. Make sense? You have a big heart, one of the biggest in all the zodiac, and sometimes that can shine through, even more, when we have a slice of humble pie that you baked yourself, of course. If you’re feeling too stretched thin lately, find what can take a back seat, or, better yet, take a hike.

The end of the year brings about shedding of one’s skin. Get rid of the old. Make space for the new. 


Money has been on the brain for you, Virgo, but honestly what else is new? Good news! Towards the end of the year, the cash flow tide will turn in your favor. Until then, reel in the spending, even though you’re already so good about that. Perhaps those Doc Martens you’ve been eyeing can wait.

And, if they can’t, get them. Honestly, life is short. Speaking of YOLO, a special someone who has caught your eye over the past weeks, months, and even years, can finally be warming up to you in a major way this winter. Just in time to snuggle up on their couch with a mug of herbal tea and some quality make outs. You deserve it (and the Docs).


Who’s this person sliding into your DMs lately, Libra? What are our thoughts? The stars say explore – you never know! – but the truth can only come from you. Make some space in your bedroom drawers, because we’re seeing love coming your way quicker than another nationwide lockdown.

You’ve gone through a bit of a slump lately, but it’s finally lifting and everything about you is glowing. Others are super jealous but have your back 100 percent. You deserve this good fortune. Ride it, baby.


Are you stressing? In your feelings? Overthinking literally everything and then some? We’re gonna tell you something you don’t wanna hear… and that’s to calm down. Your solution, whatever it may be, will come to you when you least expect it. And that’s a promise and a fact. Thank your lucky stars for that.

The Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn takes place on December 21, 2020, which could lead you to resolve some old beef between you and a family member. Perfect timing for the holidays. Perhaps, Scorpio, holiday cheer rings true for you. Enjoy the rest of your year and make space for a better 2021.



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