March Horoscopes

March Horoscopes

Mercury went direct, and it’s officially Pisces season. Could things be looking up?

Mercury is out of retrograde, and Pisces season is here. It’s time to kick up our shoes and… focus on our finances? Lean into positive communication? Shout our feelings from the rooftops? Hold onto your stars, folks. Here’s what’s in store for you this March.

Check your sun, moon, and rising signs for the full scope.


Are you ready to shout your feelings from the rooftops? Lol, jk. We know you already do that, Aries. Loudly and proudly, might we add. This month, however, you’ll be shouting fearlessly. Take time this month to zero in on your routines. Can you challenge yourself and fold laundry, wash dishes, and respond to emails more intentionally? You’re a natural-born leader and can sometimes feel offended when those around you don’t share in your excitement but fear not. People are on board with you this month, and they’ll pull a Death Cab for Cutie and follow you into the dark. Just be sure you know where you’re going first. The sun moves into Aries (ARIES SZN, BABY) on the 20th, and you’re about to feel glamorous AF. Venus is set to hold hands with the sun on the 21st which inspires you to hold hands with someone, too, if you know what we’re sayin’. Be direct towards the end of March, particularly where love is concerned. But mind your horns, Ram.


Congrats to you, Taurus—it seems like work doesn’t suck quite as much this month. That’s something to celebrate. And we know you will in the most luxurious way possible. You’re quite influential this month when it comes to your career: people are noticing your energy, responding well to your ideas, and you’re feeling quite accomplished. Remember how excited you were when you first landed this gig? You’ll be feeling that energy once again, and perfect timing, too, because it’s been hard lately. But nothing lasts forever. Not even bath bombs, much to your dismay. Towards the end of the month, you’ll be feeling more social than ever. Initiate plans with your nearest and dearest. Reach out to those you think about but don’t see often. It’s easy for you to retreat to your safe space and wait for invitations, but you’re capable of suggesting a plan too, you know. Try it.


You were on the verge of losing it during Mercury retrograde, weren’t you, Gemini? I’m sure the miscommunications were enough to make you lose your cool, and if you did, that’s okay. Life will feel exponentially lighter this month, particularly when Mars moves into your sign on March 3. You’ll get the good vibes boost you’ve been hoping for, as well as the energy to start to chase those big hopes and dreams. Work will be at the forefront of your mind this month, Gemini, and as the twins of the zodiac, you’ll have no issue using your effective communication to your benefit with whomever you come across. Remember, however, to stay flexible and stay sincere. Is there hot goss around the office? Avoid it. You’re better than that.


Feeling like staying in your shell the first couple weeks of March, Cancer? You deserve it. Mercury Retrograde might have wreaked havoc on you and disrupted your peace. In-between catching up on your favorite TV and getting lost in that juicy novel, take some time to reassess your goals, both short and long term. What do you want? How do you thrive best? What can you let go of? The start of Aries season on March 20 propels you to hit the ground running when it comes to career and networking. Which connections have you established in your field, and who can help you level up? Nurture these this month. Stay genuine! As one of the most sensitive of the zodiac, we know you’ll have no problem staying true to you and knowing who to trust.


Dear Lion, prepare to reevaluate… everything. The first half of the month has you hyper-focused on your safety, closest connections, and home life. Are you getting what you need? Do you feel supported? Seen? Genuinely heard behind the pomp that can sometimes accompany your sign? Whatever makes you feel this way, embrace it. And stop feeling envious of what another person has, especially if it isn’t even what you want. The second half of the month kicks off Aries season, and your soul will be lit with a fire to travel. You just have to get out of town, and you don’t want anyone getting in your way. Unfortunately, travel restrictions might, so you’ll have to escape in other ways like through video games, a new hobby, or daydreaming. Don’t worry, though. Your need will be filled, and soon you’ll find peace and centered once again.


Oh, Virgo. What’s been going on? Don’t you know who you are and what you’re capable of? If live has been coming at you from all sides, take solace in that face that you’re still here and learning perseverance. As one of the hardest working and determined signs in the zodiac, your strength and resilience is not lost on anyone, so why is it lost on yourself? Mars moves into your career sector on March 3, and you’ll suddenly remember who tf you are. And that’s a boss b that can do it all… and who wants to do it perfectly. It’s high time you dropped the notion that you’ll ever be perfect at anything (aside from saying ‘I told you so’ and it actually being appropriately received) and start GOING FOR IT. You’re wasting time by polishing and perfecting. Lean into the Pisces energy that’s surrounding you, Virgo, and be like water and flow.


As the balanced sign in the zodiac, it’s no surprise that you’re focusing on restoring that very thing in your life, Libra. What’s on the agenda, you ask? Work and wellness. In what ways can you negotiate your workload, so you have more time for self-care? In what ways can you switch up your self-care to make it feel extra indulgent and luxurious. You sometimes forget to treat yourself, but you have to remember that self-love is part of a balanced practice, too. The full moon in Libra takes place on March 28 and you’ll be encouraged to really look at all you’ve done. The progress you’ve made really is outstanding, even if it doesn’t measure up to the lofty goals you’ve set for yourself. Like your zodiac neighbor, Virgo, sometimes you need to slow down and give yourself praise. You really can’t do it all—no one can—despite wanting to, but what you can do, you do it so very well. Give yourself a hug. You’re doing great.


Scorpio, you’re feeling frisky and we do hope you indulge your pleasure this month. You know you want to. Your soul is going through an awakening and opening up to the idea of embracing play. You can sometimes be quite serious. The mystery is intriguing and sexy, for sure. But you know what else is attractive? Laughter and fun. Let yourself have it. On March 20, you’ll be focused on your own personal needs that will feel far less passionate but are necessary for success and overall wellness. We challenge you to embrace play in this area too, Scorpio. Rest, relax, and recharge your batteries, but have fun doing it. We double dog dare you.


Mercury could have wreaked havoc on you this go around, Sag, but nothing lasts forever. Now that Mercury is back direct, you’re refocusing your sights on reorganizing your life and cleaning up old messes. This could mean collecting the half-empty cups from your bedside table or mending things with a friend. Whatever it may be, your home is at the forefront of your mind, and you desire to make it feel really, really good. When Aries season begins on the 20th, you’ll experience a rebirth. During this time, it’s important to embrace your inner child, Sag. That means play, laugh, and flirt. Whatever makes you feel good (notice a theme here?), do it. And while you play, maybe take a few bricks down from that wall of yours and let some people in? You never know who will show up.


You’re steady, grounded, and practical, Capricorn. This month, you’ll have ample opportunities to shine, and ample opportunities to reflect that shine right back onto you. Your wellness and self-care needs ramp up this month, and our advice is to heed the call. Take your time when it comes to loving yourself, but don’t get too indulgent. After all, Cap, you still have shit to take care of. Later in the month, you’re all about communication. You like it, you love it, you want some more of it. Feeling like debating? Go for it. Need to clear the air with a family member or friend? Now’s the time. Your brain is sharpened during this time. Make good use of it, Cap. At the end of the day, your life (and where it goes) is ultimately in your hands.


Did you wake up this morning with cash on the brain, Aquarius? This seems to happen to you whenever Pisces season rolls around. Could it be the creativity, go with the flow energy the elusive fish brings? Or could it just be that you’ve been flying by the seat of your pants lately where money is concerned? We’ll let you answer that for yourself. You’ll be presented with opportunities to boost your money habits, and we suggest you do it. Learn about investing, saving, make a financial plan. You might even be presented with an idea for a new business or the courage to ask for a raise at work. It isn’t all work and no play for you this month, Aquarius. Luckily, you’ll get to enjoy life’s pleasures too. But, remember, setting yourself up for success is important, so don’t forget about those goals.


You’re in the mood to make your home your home this month, Pisces. And, as you should. But if you live with others, try not to override their stylistic preferences in favor of your own. We know, we know, you have impeccable taste and are quite the creative, but while you’re enhancing your home, don’t forget to enhance your communication and compromise, too. With the new moon on the 13th, you’re bound to feel both excitement and dread. Your optimism is tangible during this time, but so are your insecurities. Who are you? Who do you wish to be? Do you feel like there’s something more for you to accomplish? Spend some time in solitude and figure it out. Your future self will be grateful to you that you did.

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