November Horoscopes

November Horoscopes

Our resident astrologist, Meredith Lovelock, explores what’s in the stars for November

We’re almost there gang! Mercury retrograde ends on the 3rd and we should all be able to breathe a big sigh of relief on the 4th. Or so I would say normally, except its election day in the US. Expect a couple of days of residual chaos as Trump kicks up a fuss like a petulant toddler. On the plus side, I would definitely say that the stars favour Biden…

Brace yourselves for some madness though. November is going to be an interesting month. 


23rd October to 21st November

Happy birthday Scorpio! Scorpio season means it’s time for you to reflect on the last year, draw a line under it and think about your next steps. That’s where your energy should be as we enter November – growth and reflection. Around the middle of the month, your attention will start to shift away from the past and will return to the present. Mercury’s influence in your chart will lead to a need for quick thinking; expect increased meetings and important news.

You may also feel increasingly restless as you’re likely to want to get on with your new plans for the future but will feel restricted. Hold tight, and figure out what you can put in motion now, rather than thinking too far ahead. Later in November Venus’ influence will help you to chill out a little, making you more affectionate. This will be a great time for socialising and dating, albeit at a distance. 


22nd November to 21st December

You’re starting the month with a hefty dose of good news. Mercury’s influence suggests this will be a period of fast-paced business; expect to be spending your time just trying to keep up and perhaps a little stressed. Do your best to keep on top of it, as it will only last for the first half of the month.

By mid-November Venus will be dominant in your chart, suggesting increased opportunities for romance and making money. You’ll be feeling more eager to show affection, and perhaps ready to take the next step with someone special. Around the end of the month you’re likely to get a little bit of good luck thrown your way – take advantage of it while you can!


22nd December to 19th January

The beginning of the month is looking brilliant for you, Capricorn. The Sun’s presence in your chart will be bringing you energy and confidence in the first two weeks of November. Make progress on your goals at this time, as you’re bound to make plenty of headway. In the second week of the month, Venus enters your chart; alongside the Sun this indicates a period of romantic happiness, although you may tend towards laziness.

Resist, or it may lead to tension later in the month. In the second half of the month, Mercury’s presence suggests good news and plenty of socialisation. You’re going to be busy but productive, so plan ahead. The last week of November is dominated by a Mercury-Neptune interaction which means you’ll be more perceptive than usual. Keep your eyes on the big picture, but don’t lose sight of what means most to you. 


20th January to 18th February

November is starting out strong for you babe. Venus’ interaction with Aquarius will up your need to make a change, and it’s giving you the push you need to take the plunge. It may lead to tension in your closest relationships, but ultimately we should all be our own first priority – put yourself first, Aquarius. Around the second week of the month, Mercury is upping the pace, and you may start to feel tense and stressed out.

Take the time to slow down properly each evening and you’ll be better prepared to deal with the speed of life. In the third week, Uranus moves in opposition with Mercury, bringing with it distractions and recklessness. Keep an open mind, but don’t charge straight into new opportunities without first thinking them through. At the end of the month you should start to see the fruits of your labours, so enjoy that burst of energy and keep up the momentum as we head towards December. 


19th February to 20th March

November is starting out CHILL for you Pisces, with the Sun’s position in your chart bringing you a little bit of much-needed inner calm. Expect everything to go smoothly, and you’ll find yourself able to be productive and tick off a good chunk of your to-do list with ease. Around the middle of the month, Neptune moves into a cooperative position with the Sun, boosting your sensitivity to others’ emotions. You may find that someone close to you needs a little extra support just as you’re able to give it. Reach out, and they’ll be grateful for your friendship.

Around the end of November try not to get distracted by details. Focus on the big picture, as there may be patterns in your life you’ve yet to identify. If you can figure it out, you may have a flash of inspiration. This is also a great time for practising art and other creative pursuits. 


21st March to 19th April

Unfortunately, November is starting off with a hefty dose of anxiety for you, Aries. Mercury’s working against you, and you’re likely to find yourself feeling stressed out and struggling to keep. Misunderstandings are also likely to continue for you even after retrograde lifts, so watch your words to avoid confrontation. Take a deep breath, and don’t worry too much as this won’t last long. Around the middle of the month, Mercury will leave you in peace and Venu moves into the dominant position in your chart. The planet of love is bringing you romance and socialisation, but you may also feel lazy. Watch out if you’re in an unhealthy relationship though, as tensions may be brought to the surface.

Around the end of the month, you have three different planets all prominent in your chart, so if you feel like you’re being pulled in several directions, that’s why! Your mind will be on all things passionate, but you may also find yourself feeling a little out of control. 


20th April to 20th May

November is starting out a little tricky for you, Taurus. The Sun is working against you, bringing pressure from superiors at work, or clients may be making your life difficult. Try and take a step back from the situation, and try and figure out why exactly this is happening, and you may realise that you’re using your energy in the wrong places. Around the second week, Neptune moves into your chart in trine with the Sun, indicating that now is the time to focus on achieving your goals before you get ahead of yourself.

Relationships will also grow around this time, and you should enjoy times with loved ones while you can (neglect them at your peril), because your workload is going to pick up again in the third week of November. At the end of the month, Venus enters your chart and will be boosting your social life as we end the month and enter December. 


21st May to 20th June

Feeling antsy, Gemini? It’s not surprising, as a Venus quincunx Uranus in your chart is increasing your need to spice up your life a little bit at the start of November. Your desire for change may lead to instability in your life and tension in relationships, so try to communicate your feelings as best you can. This is a great time for exploring new creative avenues, however, especially if you haven’t had the time of late. Around the middle of the month, your stress levels will start dropping again, and you’ll begin to feel more settled.

Take some time to really relax, socialise and be calm. At the end of the month, your energy will shift dramatically thanks to Uranus again, and you’ll be feeling absolutely bursting with inspiration and a drive to make the changes you craved at the start of the month. If you’re feeling scared of what it is you want, that’s understandable, but if you keep coming back to the same problems that need fixing, now is the time to make a change before they become irreversible. 


21st June to 22nd July

You’ll be delighted to know that this month is starting out calm for you, Cancer. Expect harmony and happiness in your relationships, and you’ll find yourself easily able to keep up with your current workload. If you have projects in the works that you’ve been neglecting, the start of November is a good time to make progress with them. Around the middle of the month, Venus is causing some tension in your relationships, but the Sun’s presence in your chart suggests that this should be relatively easy to resolve.

However, a word of caution: trust your partner. If you’re feeling jealousy or are behaving selfishly, it’s only going to harm your relationship in the long term. Communication, as always, is key, and you need to open up about what’s on your mind. Around the end of the month, your stress levels will drop again, and the tension of the last month will fall away. You’ll be entering December feeling happier and more stable than you’ve felt in a long time. 


23rd July to 22nd August

November is going to be a busy one for you, Leo. The Sun’s presence in your chart is forcing you to work harder to achieve your goals. Avoid pushing too hard against authority figures, as they won’t react well to it. Around the second week of the month, Mercury is pushing you to work even harder, and you may feel like you’re drowning in to-do lists. Try not to take it out on those closest to you and don’t feel rushed into making important decisions – take your time with them. Around the third week, Uranus is in opposition with Mercury, leaving you feeling a little restless and easily distracted.

Plan your time wisely but be flexible, as you may find your plans changing against your will. The end of November should be calmer, as the Sun’s position will bring you some much-needed balance after the chaos of the last few weeks. This is a great time for self-promotion, so go after what it is you really want. 


23rd August to 22nd September

Your November is starting off unexpectedly, with Uranus bringing you new developments that you couldn’t have anticipated. You may want to resist change – you didn’t factor this into your monthly plan after all – but it’s best to keep an open mind. Try to be flexible and adapt to take advantage – this could be a lucky break. In the second week of the month, Mercury is bringing you good news and productivity. Expect to be busy, but in a way that’s manageable.

The third week is less your speed, as you’ll find yourself struggling to make yourself heard. Stick to basics and don’t rise to the bait – you’ll have your moment. Around the end of the month, it’s time to start relaxing. Venus is lowering your stress levels and you’ll be feeling calmer – now is a great time to start (or in your case probably finish) that Christmas shopping. Better to be prepared!


23rd September to 22nd October

You’re going to be feeling a little unstable at the start of this month, Libra. If you’re craving change, now is the time to start putting the wheels in motion, and you should start really feeling the effects in early 2021. Around the middle of the month, the Sun is bringing you energy and creativity. Enjoy yourself while you can, and make headway on any creative projects you have in the works. This is also a great time for you at work, as superiors will be impressed by your innovation and dedication.

Around the end of the month, you’re likely to start feeling tense again thanks to Uranus’ nervous energy. If you’ve been feeling restricted lately it’s time to start breaking away from the norm and adapt to your new desires in life. Stick with it, you’ll get there. 





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