The Online Workouts Helping During Quarantine

The Online Workouts Helping During Quarantine

Now that we’re truly under lockdown, the nation has waved goodbye to its weekly gym sessions.

Now that we’re truly under lockdown, the nation has waved goodbye to its weekly gym sessions. Most of us have had to turn to at-home workouts – or vegging on the sofa.

While it’s important to keep fit and healthy, it’s also worth remembering that daily exercise has a huge impact on our mental health. Without it, you might find that you feel far more sluggish and irritable, while taking on a quick ‘living-room’ gym session has been proven to make you feel more positive.

So, whether you’re thinking about your fitness goals, or you’re missing the stress relief, we’ve rounded up some of the best ways to exercise at home:

Psycle London

Head to Psycle’s Instagram stories for daily live barre classes far removed your childhood ballet. Expect deep stretches, plenty of squatting and a lot of foot cramps. This class gets you deep into the burn whilst pulsing, tucking, dropping, squeezing and shaking to the beat of some seriously energising playlists.

Try it if: deep stretching is your thing.

Liz Manchester Yoga

Our very own Liz has prepared an anxiety-specific yoga routine just for you Restless rebels, designed to clear your head before you hit the hay. With a background in mental health, counselling and outreach work, Liz creates yoga routines to support both the mind and body. Prepare for gentle stretches and a focus on breathwork.

Try it if: you’re feeling anxious.

The nation’s PE teacher

Joe Wicks, also now known as the nation’s PE teacher, runs a daily morning lesson on keeping fit. Designed for children, don’t assume that his fast-paced lessons won’t get your heart rate up. From ‘scary feet’ to jumping, this PE lesson is definitely not one to miss.

Try it if: you normally focus on cardio.

Find the workouts live from 9am daily on YouTube

Isabella Boylston and James B. Whiteside

Taking to Instagram Live, #TheCindiesBalletClass offers a free dance lesson for fans and followers. The class lasts an hour and is a surprisingly tough work out. Expect traditional ballet moves, fast-paced stretching and leaping, and a killer playlist.

Try it if: your childhood ballet was a bit boring. The pace of this class will keep you (pun intended) on your toes.


Ever wanted to try hip hop yoga? Yes, it’s a thing. After shutting their doors for lockdown, the team at FLY is delivering daily at-home sessions of yoga and barre. From strength and flexibility-focussed yoga to classes to improve your core strength, there’s something for everyone here.

Try it if: you’re missing your weekly yoga class.


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