Self Care for a Tough Week

Self Care for a Tough Week

With the U.S. election night turning into a too close to call election week, and the U.K. re-entering lockdown, we all need some help

If everything feels heavy and you find your mental health suffering, you’re not alone. 

On top of the U.S. Presidential election, the U.K. re-entering lockdown, the pandemic, and now entering the holiday season, stress is bound to find us and want to stick. Here are some ways to shake off the stress (even if only for a moment) and care for yourself during a particularly stressful week, month, or whole year. 

Put Down Your Phone 

When it comes to social media or constant news updates, we can sometimes be masochistic in that we know it’ll make us feel worse, and yet we can’t. stop. scrolling. Pro tip? Stop scrolling. Compulsively checking social media and/or reading news updates will only continue to make you anxious, cause an emotional response, and make you feel like you aren’t doing enough to combat whatever is going on in the world.

Another pro tip? You’re doing enough. You’re doing just fine. Put the phone down and pick up a book instead. Watch your favorite television show. Try cooking a new recipe or doing another activity that engages your hands and mind. The phone (and the news) will be there when you feel steady enough to revisit. For now, put it down. 

Spend Time Outside 

Nature heals. That’s just the honest truth. If you’re feeling bogged down and stressed, throw on your sneakers and get outside. Being in nature boosts your mood, and a little sunshine never hurts. Plus, fresh air? Nothing like it. 

Set Boundaries 

Easier said than done but hear me out. If you are struggling with your mental health so greatly that the presence of loved ones, coworkers, etc. is causing you emotional distress, set a boundary. There is nothing wrong with stating your needs and requesting they be respected. You don’t have to answer every text and phone call, you don’t always have to eat lunch with your coworkers, and you don’t have to say yes. What do you want? Do that. 

Listen to Your Favorite Music 

There’s a reason they say music is healing. Listening to your favorite music can help you escape from the stressors in your life. Make it an event by lighting a candle, or even having a bath, and just get lost in the music. 

Some Other Fun Favorites from Instagram

We asked Instagram what their favorite self-care rituals are. Here’s what they had to say: 

“Walking. It just helps so much.” – Alex 

“Workout. Video games. Documentaries” – Markell 

“So many naps and baking comfort foods, like spice cake or sugar cookies.” – Hannah

“Eat whatever makes you happy. Treat yourself!” – Joe 

“Eating cake and watching Schitt’s Creek on repeat.” – Natalie 

“I take a bubble bath every night. It’s my me-time ritual, and I’d be lost without it.”- Shelby 

“Find fun new flavors of my favorite thing on the planet: coffee!” – Lauren

“Curl up on my bed and cuddle with my two dogs.” – Sarah

“I put on an old album, one that was the soundtrack to an amazing time in my life. Loud.” – Stephen 

I’ll take one of each.

Whatever you need to do to get through your day, be it scream-sing of your favorite songs, a boogie in your kitchen while you make a delicious meal, or, just curling up in bed with a good book, do it. It’s worth it. 

Because you’re worth it.



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