Black-Owned Beauty Brands You Need In Your Life

Black-Owned Beauty Brands You Need In Your Life

Give your makeup bag an overhaul and support Black female founders

Do you know what today is? A day to celebrate Black beauty, Black excellence and Black culture. A day to buy from Black-owned businesses. But guess what? We don’t need to support Black businesses only when a tragedy happens. We can do this every day. But since you’re here, this is a great place to put your money where your protest is. 

Even though Black women are the trailblazers for what’s trending in the beauty sphere, they have historically been the least catered for. Not surprising when there’s a global Eurocentric beauty standard. 

Yet with the rise of Black beauty businesses (especially female-owned and led) has come myriad options. Whether it’s natural, vegan and halal or haircare products that make you think: what were we all doing before this? Here are the names you need to get to know. 


The Lip Bar

So let’s talk lip service. As in self-care but for your lips. The Lip Bar is essentially your friend. Giving you bright colours, melted nudes and lip glosses we didn’t know we needed, move over Mac. 


Founded by Tracee Ellis Ross, if you’re a Black or brown woman with curls, you need to get to know Pattern. Formulated to moisturise and get the best curls, Ross has created her dream haircare line for curly-haired women and girls everywhere. 


When I think of Liha, I think of how aesthetically pleasing but nourishing this ‘luxe natural’ beauty brand is. Founded by Liha Okunniwa and Abi Oyepitan, Liha is the bridge “between African roots and British attitudes”. Their gold shea butter is all a natural, vegan and cruelty-free beauty addict’s dream. 


Founder of the iconic nail salon and cultural hub WAH Nails, Sharmadean Reid went on to found Beautystack in 2018. A place where beauty professionals can grow their businesses. Designed like a better version of Instagram, you can click on photographs of a nail design you like, start a discussion with the indie nail artist and then book an appointment whenever suits you. Revolutionary, and again: what were we doing before this? 

Fenty Beauty 

Does this even need a mention? Unless you’ve been in a coma, Rihanna’s beauty line (predicted to be worth a billion dollars) has been making headlines ever since it launched. From the get-go, Fenty Beauty released 40 foundation colours causing a stir in the beauty industry. Why haven’t beauty brands always been doing this? 

Top recommendations: Stunna Lip Paint and the cream blushes.

Beauty Bakerie 

A cruelty-free and halal Black-owned beauty brand that is right up our street. Known for creating a diverse range of undertones and being Jackie Aina approved (what other accreditation is needed, please?), try out their foundation matcher online. It’s genius. 

Charlotte Mensah 

Multi-award winning afro celebrity hairstylist, this haircare line by Charlotte Mensah has been long awaited. Mensah’s Manketti Hair Oil is a saviour for dry locks. It’s a unique blend of ‘organic and sustainably sourced Manketti Nut and Ximenia oils’ to nourish and maintain your hair’s natural beauty. Sign us up, please. 

Pat McGrath Labs 

Did someone say the word goddess? Did someone say the word magic? If you haven’t tried Pat McGrath Labs, you have been missing out, my friend. The majesty of pigment, Pat McGrath MBE has been the most sought after makeup artist for catwalk shows since the 1980s and has worked with the likes of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano. 

‘Mother’, as her followers like to call her, brings high fashion beauty to your bedroom. That lipstick? Wow. You’re welcome


Plastic-free Ksoni is one of the most innovative lifestyle brands out there. Their shampoo comes in an aluminium can (that you can reseal) and later recycle. Their haircare is infused with essential oils that have the ability to make your hair feel light but full of life. This is a brand to watch. 

Flora & Curl Haircare

Creators of botanical haircare keep in mind what ‘nature knows best’. Equipped with the science behind mother nature, this haircare brand, Flora & Curl, is for all those who have beautiful natural kinks and curls. A haircare brand that’s respected across celebrities, influencers and beauty editor’s everywhere. 

SKN Doctor

Making a name for herself, Dr Ewoma Ukeleghe – aka SKN Doctor – is a medical and cosmetic doctor and clinical expert in skincare. In addition to micro-needling, fillers and botox, Dr Ukeleghe offers skincare consultations and advice. The perfect person to make an appointment with post-lockdown skin. 

Uoma Beauty

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Let us re-introduce you to our Black Magic Allure Palette. This cult palette is inspired by the mythical Yoruba Orisha (Goddess or Diety), Osun pronounced Uh-sh-un. She is believed to be the Goddess of divinity, femininity, beauty, fertility and love. It is said that the butterflies you feel in your stomach when you fall in love is created by Osun. She is the patron saint of the Osun river in Nigeria and many festivals are held to celebrate her. She is known worldwide and her influence can be seen in Brazil. In Brazil she known as the lady of gold and is hailed to bring wealth and prosperity. She is also recognized in parts of Cuba and Trinidad. In pop culture – Beyoncé has paid homage and channeled Osun in her Lemonade Album, her photo shoot with her twins and her dashing Grammy performance while she was pregnant where she channeled the “Lady Of Gold”. The entire color story of this palette was built to pay homage to Osun – Golds because she is known as the lady of gold, Yellow is her color, purple to symbolize royalty/opulence, Greens for the fertility she brings to the land and people, Pink for the femininity and red for love ❤️. Much is known about Greek, Norse and other folklore from around the world. Yet little is known about many African folklore that influence much of pop culture. This was our homage to our cultural stories staying true to our goal of celebrating and amplifying black stories. We hope all who wear this palette can feel the grandiose, beauty, energy and most of all love. Striking pigments are just the beginning. 📸 @lebonmaquillage @nymatang @cocoaswatches #uomabeauty #uomatribe

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Uoma Beauty is adored by beauty lovers everywhere. Maybe it’s the myriad colours in their eyeshadow palette, maybe it’s the inclusivity found throughout the brand, or maybe it’s simply down to the great quality product. If you don’t know about Uoma Beauty, you need to. 


One of our favourite wellness and beauty brands, Briogeo’s haircare and skincare lines are well thought out and excellently executed. Our personal favourites are their Don’t Despair, Repair! deep conditioning mask. What’s great is that all orders help support the 100,000 meals to those in need through Food Bank NYC. Do we need any more reason to support Briogeo? 

Dizziak London 

A cult favourite, Dizziak London’s Deep Conditioner is about hydration, hydration, hydration. No parabens. No sulphates. No silicones. No mineral oil. No cruelty. Vegan. Suitable for all hair textures. All we can say is: thank you Dizziak London

Coloured Raine Cosmetics

We have a theory that Coloured Raine Cosmetics invented colour. Their Safari Raine Limited Edition palette is evidence enough. Don’t just take our word for it though.

Range Beauty 

Minimal, high-performance clean beauty is the game here. Foundation made with acne and eczema in mind, Range Beauty really did something with this company. And they basically thought about every skin tone. Goals. 

Salt Spray Soap Co.

To save you the time of scrolling through Etsy to find your new soap bar, shop at Salt Spray Soap Co. From natural salt scrubs to lip balms to care packages, Salt Spray Soap Co. literally has it all. Our eyes are on the coconut and lemongrass soap bar. 


Clean beauty? Yes. Botanical beauty? Uh-huh. Self-funded, woman-owned and independent? Tick, tick, tick. Klur’s serums are not to be slept on. We don’t need to say anything else. 

Hanahana Beauty

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protect your space, peace + energy✨

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If you had a muscle pull, “use nkuto” was the answer (nkuto is the Twi name for shea butter). Your head hurts? “Rub nkuto.” Dry skin? “Use nkuto”—it was the go-to in our household,” writes founder of Hanahana Beauty, Abena Boamah-Acheampong. 

Hanahana Beauty began as a way for Boamah-Acheampong to get to love her own skin and now her mission is to increase accessibility, transparency, and sustainability within the all-natural, skincare and wellness space.“Our products are made with love and shea butter directly from the Katariga Women’s Shea Cooperative in Ghana combined with natural oils,” read full story here.


Talking of shea butter, Eléngé whipped shea butter is one of the best things I’ve ever tried on my skin. The kind that melts into your body, this richly whipped blend of aloe vera gel, coconut oil, rosehip oil, grapeseed oil and shea butter is truly sensational. 

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