7 Ways to Ace a Job Interview

Editor Olivia shares the most important strategies to use when interviewing for your dream job


So Under Pressure

In the latest in the 'Is this a touchy subject?' series, Ben Pechey discusses dealing

By Ben Pechey
November 18, 2019


Let’s Stop Competitive Busyness

Anna Bowen argues this attitude can ruin friendships and lead to burnout

By Anna Bowen
November 6, 2019


#Adulting With Chinae Alexander

Our advice columnist is back to sort out your break ups, online dating woes, and

By Chinae Alexander
November 4, 2019


The Creative Threeway You Never Asked For

Discussing how to navigate creativity, capitalism and our constant need for validation when dealing with

By Tea Adesanya
November 2, 2019


What to Say to Coworkers When You’re too Tired to Socialize

The #hustle culture that glorifies exhaustion has left me feeling exhausted

By Georgina Guthrie
October 24, 2019


To CC or Not to CC

Our career development expert shares suggestions on how to navigate subtle sexism in the workplace

By Africa Jackson
October 16, 2019


Start Your Side Hustle

If you've been waiting for the right time to start, Crowdfunder's got an opportunity for

By Olivia DeRamus
October 13, 2019


Dear Hong Kong, It’s Not You, It’s My Boss

Crystal Reid learns the hard way that a horrible boss can skew your outlook on

By Crystal Reid
October 7, 2019


The Woman Making Journalism More Inclusive

Writer Jess Evans set up a journalism consultancy for working class women

By Jess Evans
September 9, 2019


The Best Books to Help With Your Side Hustle

Co-founder Olivia takes you through the books that have helped her the most in starting

By Olivia DeRamus
August 19, 2019


When Is The Right Time To Switch Jobs?

Ellie Pilcher explains how switching jobs three times in three years has helped her career

By Ellie Pilcher
August 6, 2019


What it’s Like Working on a Dairy Farm as a Woman

One woman exposes the gender inequality in the agricultural sector

By Anna Bowen
July 1, 2019

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