Bigger Bodies Should Not Be Hidden

Ben Pechey delves into what true representation looks like for plus-sized bodies


‘Unbelievable’ Reminds Us That There’s No Perfect Victim

Why the new Netflix show portrays rape victims responsibly

By Jenni Hill
September 17, 2019


Nayrouz Qarmout’s Creative Revolution

Restless sits down with the activist to discuss her new book, living in Gaza, and

By Terri-Jane Dow
September 13, 2019


Does Fashion Need A Spiritual Reboot?

With fashion month here, Ben Pechey asks whether fashion has lost its soul

By Ben Pechey
September 7, 2019


Cathy Newman on Rewriting The History Books

The author of Bloody Brilliant Women talks sexism, trolling, and feminism

By Jennifer Crichton
September 2, 2019


The Women Making the Film Industry More Inclusive

Film critic Marina Vuotto shows us Hollywood's feminist heroes

By Marina Vuotto
August 22, 2019


Ellie Kime on Her Enthusiastic Revolution

We sat down with creative entrepreneur 'The Enthusiast' to find out how enthusiasm can change

By Olivia DeRamus
August 14, 2019


Laura Jane Williams On Her New Book and Moving Beyond Cynicism

The 'Our Stop' author chats to Restless about modern love

By Viki Bingham
August 11, 2019


Jade Goody and The Tragic Truth of Reality TV

A decade on from Jade's death, Caroline Frost asks whether reality stardom is ever worth

By Caroline Frost
August 10, 2019


Bi-Positive: Three TV Shows Doing it Right

Could the mass media finally be catching on to the nuances of sexuality?

By Remmy Fillip
August 8, 2019


Sometimes Things Get Blemished: Katie Piper’s Biggest Lesson

Piper talks to Restless about the launch of her rehabilitation center

By Caroline Frost
August 4, 2019


Christiana Figueres: The Paris Climate Agreement Still Holds Cause For Optimism

The powerhouse diplomat on why she still believes change is coming

By Jennifer Crichton
August 2, 2019


Marianne and Leonard Cohen: A Love Story, But Not For Today?

It's a love story for the ages, but it wouldn't stand up to today's feminist

By Caroline Frost
July 27, 2019

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